Saturday, 10 May 2014

Attack of the brassiere

Have you ever been attacked by your unmentionables? I have, totally embarrassing. I blogged about it here  last year, but this time it was a different scenario. (Pathetic that I even blog about this stuff, but it is mundane women's business that needs to be vented).
Last weekend, a sheer act of love found me at Alliance Stadium with the boys footy club on a cold Saturday night. The club was to do a 'march past' around the field before the big game, with a handful of other schools. Numbers were a little low, so hubby asked if I'd like to come. Reluctantly I said yes. Lulu and I were the only girls. We waited in the freezing cold for over an hour with a bunch of rowdy and excited boys, then marched with pride in red and blue around the stadium. I wish I hadn't revelled in Autumn so much and worn a few more layers. Anyhow, Bear wiggled and wiggled waiting for the game to start. A few "is it finished yet?" slipped out even before kickoff and the cold made the trips to the loo all the more frequent for everyone.
Once we'd all settled and Paul had gone to buy some snacks, Bear feel asleep in my arms. It was good because we kept each other warm, but I literally couldn't move, not even to scratch my nose because of the way I was holding him. My arms were pinned. Next thing I know ( mid-conversation with another dad next to me) I am being poked in the chin by none other than the right girl's underwire.
Can you imagine the horror. Completely pinned down by Bear, no hubby to assist in the retrieval or retraction of the wire and Joe Blogg chatting away as if nothing was amiss. Surely he saw the boomerang of wire making its way up my nose. If he did, he was gracious and didn't let on, if he didn't, he was blind.
I finally managed to end the conversation with the (false) necessity to speak to Lulu on the other side of me. Once my back was turned I pushed the wire down with my chin, trying desperately to poke it below the level of my scarf. It would have to do before reinforcement made it back with the snacks. With a beer and handful of pies in hand, my helper was all but useless, the wire stayed put until Bear woke. I spent more time checking on it's location than on the game.
Has this ever happened to you?

Happy Mother's Day (for tomorrow) to all you superb women who constantly make sheer acts of love….unconditionally.
Much Love
Liv x

Friday, 9 May 2014


Autumn is a time when nature bursts with its last little bit of beauty before it bunkers down for Winter. Revel in it. Commercialism would have us all wrapped in cashmere and onesies, gloves and fluffy boots this May if it could, but don't do it. it's Autumn not Winter.  Enjoy the crisp warm tones of Autumn, crunch some leaves underfoot and feel the chill in the air, don't shut it out just yet.
I've been enjoying a cuppa on the studio deck most mornings with Bear. We always find a creature or two when we are down there and he insists on bringing them home too.

…and hold onto your hats, I have begun a lifetime relationship with wool! (Mum taught me last weekend and even allowed me to knit one square for her blanket, but after unpicking it half a dozen times, she sniggered "you're a liability". I was as slow as a wet week, but practice makes perfect, right!?

…..yep, snails-pace

And just one more Autumn image. I "borrowed" this image from a friend on Facebook, the cutest toadstool you have ever seen, right in her backyard. Magical!

Happy Autumn

Liv xo