Saturday, 30 November 2013

Because I'm mad

Just when I thought life couldn't get any more crazy, it did. And it was all my fault.
I decided to:

Take twins (cousins) to Bunnings to get paint matched. 1 hr 35mins at the paint counter later....just imagine my nerves!

Went to the christmas tree farm on my own (well, with one little elf). The decoration shop was a child's wonderland and a mum's nightmare.

Painted the pool cabana with 4 kids who desperately wanted to help.

Started a new tradition of an 'activity advent calendar' 
(I'm still deciding whether this was a good idea or not)

Got the Lego out again after vacuuming up a kilo of it the day before.

Where are my big boys when the camera is out? I'm going to actively stalk them this week (watch this space for some annoyed faces) !

And with the last days of school coming to an end this week and next, I'm sure it will only get crazier.

I hope, amongst the chaos, you are able to take a moment to enjoy the season of advent that starts tomorrow.
We are off to Mass at 8:30am and then will come home to open our first advent calendar present. 
(and then paint the second coat of the cabana...sigh) 

Much Love
Liv xo

Thursday, 28 November 2013



I have decided to have a Christmas sale on all of my paintings. 25% off everything.
and take an extra 25% off the prices that are displayed.
If you are interested, contact me directly on this blog in the comment section or via my email: 
postage within Australia is included.

Much Love
Liv xo

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Peanut & Pistachio

I am giving a shout out to two young friends today. 

These girls are fundraising for a service project to Borneo with their school next year.
Together they have created a small business 'Peanut & Pistachio' and all the goods are handmade by them (with the help of a crafty aunty from an equally creative business 'rubyju' )  

This cute big one is my friend, and in blue next to her is her daughter, and in yellow, the other entrepreneur of the business !

I for one, LOVE their goodies. Look what I got:
I bought the earrings for myself and was surprised with the necklace as a gift. Thank you girls xo

They are very well priced and would make lovely Christmas gifts for friends, teachers or yourself.

If you love their dresses and jewellery, support them in their quest to support those less fortunate in Borneo.
Go to:

or contact them on:

Much Love
Liv xo

Monday, 25 November 2013

Friendships that last a lifetime

I set off last friday, for the first time ever, on my own. A whole 3 days without the little people.
The day before I left was manic, starting with two phone calls from the school before 9:15am. One with a neck injury and the other "a sharp pain above his right eye."
The rugby-induced neck injury amounted to soft tissue damaged (thanks be to God!) and the sore eye, well... lets just say, Jimmy had an RDO.

So Friday morning couldn't come soon enough. I wished hubby good luck at 5:30am, and with a twinkle in my eye, I set off for Brisvagas.

 It's been almost three years since I saw these beautiful girls and yet it only felt like days. It was the surprise party that kept on giving! It went for three days and the exhaustion I feel today is indescribable. A lot of laughs, a lot of shopping, a lot of tears and maybe a few champagnes.

There is no distance too far between friends, for friendship gives wings to the heart. 

Until next time girls,
This joy-filled but weary traveller loves you,
Liv xo

ps: I have the BEST husband in the world. The house was spotless, the laundry was empty and the kids were tucked in bed. Thank you xoxo

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Kindy Christmas Concert

You know how the end of year kindy concert can be quite tiresome, with the same old songs and a million awards??? ....well, not ours.
This year my little girl was part of: 'A Convict Christmas'
These kids are 5 and 6 years old, it was outstanding! I knew they had been practising but not to this standard. 
The big boys ran to the front to get good seats, so we were sitting right near three teachers who all watched with so much love on their faces, it made me melt thinking of the time and love they give our children each and every day. It really blew us away. 

It was so beautiful, entertaining and professional... and it only went for just over an hour. Perfect.
But it still came complete with the kid who needed to go to the toilet, and the one who spent the entire play waving at rellies, and the one who couldn't contain his excitement, and the one who couldn't get her 'Mary mantle' to sit quite right, and a tired "Joseph", and a twitcher....
Just the right amount of giggles, perfect!

I can't believe my little girl has almost finished her first year of school.
Where did that year go?
(her first day, looking like stunned mullet!)

Another 12 to go princess!
Love you.

Mum xo

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Kids were here

A few months back I linked up with the Kids were project, a collaborative project involving lots of different photographers sharing their view of what life with children looks like.Here are my link ups in: June: and August:

As you may have read in my last few posts, this past week has been taken up largely by Christmas Craft workshops, so a few things have slipped under the decipline radar (but not the camera lens)
Warning: some images may offend viewers!

God has a funny sense of humour giving me three boys (+ 1 girl).
If you are a mum to multiple boys, you may relate 
hereherehereherehere.....and the list goes on.

Much Love
Liv x

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Christmas Wreath Workshops

It's been a whopping week. I have done three workshops with 24 ladies. Thats A LOT of burlap squares, over 3000 in fact, and the perfectionist in me thought it would be best that I cut them all up (stupid idiot). My knuckles are raw to say the least, but it was fun!
Here are some piccies of their beautiful wreaths:

Today on my way home from my last workshop I thought i'd take advantage of hubby doing daddy-daycare, so I stopped in at a local market and picked up a beautiful pot of hydrangeas, but not before hitting the curb and slashing the tyre. TWO HOURS AND FIVES MINUTES LATER two men in fluro came into my life: one via the hydrangea pot and the other via the not so popular NRMA.
(just grateful I found the smaller of the two before he climbed up my legs on the freeway.)

.....and just when I thought I never wanted to see another square of burlap ever EVER again, my kids asked to make their own (breath),  so I put on my best smile and cut up a few hundred more squares (teachers, I hope you like your Christmas presents!)

And right now, I'm sipping on some grape juice and I will sign off and sip on some more.
With Love
Liv xo

Friday, 15 November 2013


As this week has been ultra busy with end of year school functions and three craft workshops, I've been tearing my hair out with Henry Bear.
If I hear "Mum, Mum, Mum, mum, mum, mum........muuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm" one more time I might just scream. Or my other favourite "good boy mum."
"You making dinner mum? good boy mum", "you close door mum? good boy mum", "you fix the clothes mum, good boy mum", "you did wees mum, good boy mum".
And then there is the mess.
Time management isn't one of my strong points, so life is a constant battle between mothering, housework, cooking and my art and craft. However, this week I just seem to be teaching Bear how to turn "his initiative" into "better initiative" :

cucumber echidnas > play dough echidnas

 life of the party > lights out

wall graffiti > rainbow drawings

silly games > excellent games

destroying > helping

eating > cleaning teeth

and then there are the other three:
One is VERY loud. all the. time.
One has a silly sense of humour and loves to prank.
One MUST have perfect hair.

And so with my sanity on the line, it was suggested by my sister that I download the new Play School App. It is the most basic of Apps, perfect for 2 year olds, but please don't tell the authorities my child has been on 'tronics' non stop these past few days! It has literally saved my life.
Do you have a hero? You know, someone who has saved you from the brink? My hero is a Play School App, hows that for different!
The past 3 days I have breathed on my own without sharing the breath with a two year old, and I am able to face tomorrow.

Thank you Play School and thank you Jess xoxo
With Love
Liv x