Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas Day 2013

Warning: loads of photos and not a lot of writing!

Christmas morning saw numero uno wake at a sharp 3:45am, but he was swiftly sent back to bed with strict instructions not to wake anyone until 6am. Selective hearing ensured all were up, including Nana & Pop, at 5:30am.

We headed off to Christmas Mass at 8:30am, wishing the Infant Jesus happy birthday and begging His intersession for some special intentions.

Then back to more shuffling of feet, furniture and loud music.

Photo bombed.

Nana & Pop with the Nine (soon to be 10!)

Pressies were handed out!

…clearly a few got mixed up!

…..and then we all collapsed!

Boxing Day was a little more relaxing :

I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful Christmas with friends and family
Much Love
Liv xo

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Elf on the shelf: part IV (2013)

Drum roll……………
Little Rudy has wowed us once again. His mischievous ways have my little ones memorised, so here is a recap of this week:

…and tonight, sadly, we say goodbye to Rudy for another year.
Henry is devastated, "I don't want Woo-dy to go away".

Other things that have been keeping us busy (namely our 'Advent Activity Calendar) include:

Making Polveron and thinking of my dear friend Irene

 Intense heatwave ensured lots of swimming

The kids made bon bond, with "hilarious" jokes.

Worst decision of the year. I decided to paint the lounge room 3 days before Christmas. This is the 'what the hell was I thinking forced tired smile' shot.

And then Dad decided to make another spare of the moment Dad move, and start the studio.

We went to the cousin's Christmas party, where Dad played Santa!

And the men sang carols.

Then the Advent Calendar said we were to see the lights at the Cathedral. A must for all Sydney-siders.

Santa on his sleigh

The journey to Bethlehem 

The birth of Our Lord. 

The Madonna & Child

St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney

…and tonight this little lady helped me wrap the pressies. She will be introduced to her new mother (Lulu) in a few short hours….Oh the excitement, I'm bursting.

Righto, it's time to race, the Melbourne Carols by Candlelight are beginning on TV and hubby is calling.

Wishing you all a beautiful (and hopefully restful) Christmas.
May the Infant Jesus bless you all abundantly on His birthday and throughout 2014!!!

Thank you for popping by this year and leaving your lovely comments, every one is read and cherished.
Much Love
Liv xo

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Pool Cabana project

It's that time of year again when everyone gets a little sun kissed or for some, far too cooked.
So this year when a little insurance money was thrown our way, we decided to build a cabana. Actually my Dad decided to build a cabana!

The builder, my dad (right) and his twin brother (left).
My Dad is an incredibly hard worker, he knows no bounds. As soon as a thought is verbalised, it comes to fruition within weeks.
He finished building this last month, to be exact, it was the day before he left to volunteer his skills on a building project in the slums of rural India for 3 weeks. A very generous, loving man.
We're blessed.

Whilst he was away, hubby and I painted it. For two days I sung my heart out and he didn't tell me to shut up once, not once, lovely chap.

Guess where we are going this summer?
No where. We're staying here and enjoying this.

I've already read two books this week whilst "watching" the little people swim.
Thanks a million Dad
Liv x

Friday, 20 December 2013

A video from Santa

Hubby surprised me yesterday and got all christmas-y. He signed up to PNP and made a 'Portable North Pole video' here.
It is priceless. You fill out a few details of each child ( eg name, siblings, age, what they have been doing or not doing to help around the house) then you cut and paste a few pictures and have your very own personalised video from Santa and his elves. You can even put in whether they are on the naughty or nice list, and whether they need to pick up their game this week! Brilliant (needless to say Bear had to pick up his game....namely his lego).
Here are some images of Lulu and Bear watching theirs:

(the towel kept creeping up over his eyes!)

Go and make one, the wonderment in their eyes was priceless.

Much Love
Liv x