Friday, 27 September 2013

Twirling Ribbon tutorial.

These were so successful at my daughters party that I thought I'd share how to make them.

For each Ribbon stick you will need:
1 x 40cm length of timber dowel (mine were 55cm, but thats only because I had a whole lot under the house pre cut, 40cm would be fine)
1 x eye screw
1 x fishing swivel
1 x 2m length of double sided satin ribbon 
(*I did use cheaper ribbon on a few because I ran out, and for little kids, it was perfectly fine....and cheaper)
1 x pair of pliers 

- Screw the eye hook into the top of the dowel.
- Using the pliers, prize back the eye hook and insert the swivel. 

- Cut 2m lengths of ribbon at an angle, as it makes it easier to thread. Singe the ends with a match.
- Thread the ribbon, tie a knot and voila! 

Hours of fun!!

Liv xo

Thursday, 26 September 2013

What boys do best:

Feeling sick and in no condition to entertain them myself, I told my 3 + 1 cousin to "Go outside and do something, I don't care what, just go."

This is what they decided on:
1 trampoline, 4 dirty old painting drop sheets, a dozen rocks, 1 torch, 3 sleeping bags, a portable dvd player and an insane amount of chips and lollies....oh and a guard dog!

Hubby and I turned the light off at 7:30pm to the sounds of:
 "Bye Mum and Dad, pray for us. We might come back in so don't lock the door ok. Did you hear me? Mum? " 

By 8:50pm they were all sound asleep INSIDE in their beds!

But it's the memories that count....!

Liv xo

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My girl is six!

My pink dot was six on Monday but I've had the worst flu ever and have been out of action for 6 days so I'm only posting now. I reckon I have probably felt sicker only once or twice before but never ever this weak and lethargic. I still feel like a zombie and I am on day 6.

Anyway I managed to nod my way through the birthday party as I have lost my voice and the little left sounds distinctly like a man (Paul, is quite confused because he was sure he voted against same sex marriage).

The little ladies had a fun day playing traditional party games in the backyard, just how I like it. They played pass-the-parcel, lolly hunt and twirled ribbons until their hearts were content.

I am still in disbelief that Lulu is six, I want to wrap her up and keep her like this forever.

And now my little lady is having a big sleep over at her cousins.

Love you to the moon and back sweet girl 
Mum xoxo

Saturday, 21 September 2013

11 years !

How can it be, my boy was 11 yesterday. Where did that time go? I remember his birth VIVDLY. Ooo the horror of it!
The puffy-anemic-stunned-faced photos say it all. I was in so much shock I don't reckon I blinked for a fortnight, but once I had him under my wing at home my life as a devoted mum began and continues with a love deeper than I ever imagined. He tests me daily (sometimes hourly) but he has a heart bigger than himself and so again and again, I kiss him goodnight and tell him I love him to the moon and back.

(puffy morning eyes make him look a bit like Robert De Niro! "...this is a-espicy-a-meat-a-ball")

I wish I could find the card Buz got from Jimmy, he wrote something to this effect:
"Happy Buz-day, Thanks for teaching me the cheats of life.
From Jimmy"

Hmmmm, should I even ask ?!?!

He has some friends coming over tonight for pizza and a movie I have been banned from making anything match scratchy, no colour co-ordinated anything, no lolly bags, no fancy bunting, no musical chairs....nada.
"Just coke and chips mum."
Roger that.

 Love you Buz,
Mum x

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Feeling self conscious this week.

Right, it's time I face reality I think!
On Sunday whilst looking through old photos my Mum gasped, "wow you had great legs back then Liv." This was followed up nicely the next day by a football mum with, "you should do couch to 5kms", and then another upper cut via text from my bestie: "Hi girls, here is my exclusive fat fighting chocolate discovery which under no circumstances is to be divulged to any skinny bitches. Once we've shed some pud we can jog past them in our size 2 stretchy pants and wave condescendingly. You need manuka honey, coconut makes you feel full and stops sugar cravings. Good luck, see you on the thinner side."
And then the cherry on the top, whilst having a cuddle with my hubby in the kitchen last night under the fluros he said, "Gee Darl, we might need a steam iron for those wrinkles".
I'm blown away by the compliments ladies and gents, what next?... "when are you due?"

So I get it, you all think I need to shed some "pud".
Where to start? I love food and I hate running. I'm a SAHM and so my lunch usually consists of the  crusts of  #4's sandwich thrown down with a coffee or two, and yes, maybe a bad treat or 10 just to get my through to wine-o'clock.
We spend our whole life trying to accept our God-given bodies and be comfortable in our own skin, but it doesn't seem that everyone else is comfortable that I'm comfortable.
So tomorrow is a new day, a skinner day. I'll start with a stroll to the letter box and go from there.

I hope your summer body is looking better than mine. Have you been cossie shopping yet?
This year the criteria is:
- 2 piece tankini for those quick dashes to the toili
- low enough to cover the bikini line incase time runs short and the hedge clippers and blower don't make an appearance
- but high enough to avoid the 1950s poolside siren look
- underwire, because the girls friend is gravity
- patterned, because cottage cheese is for cakes not bodies
- and sexy, if ever the above 5 can be in the same sentence as sexy.

So there you go, to hell with the pud.
Liv xo

ps: I'd love to know which other fat bitches got the text? or was the "hi Girls" to soften the blow?!
(for all of you who don't know my bestie, it's all good, we laugh ourselves silly!)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

2 more to go.

I am so tired I can't even begin to tell you how looking forward to October I am.
In the last month I have hosted:
- a welcome home party, 50 odd people
- a footy, end of season party, 47
- a wedding anniversary, 15
- a cousin dinner, 14
and this weekend 2 more kids parties....

All this whilst battling the worst winter in our family history.
Poor Bear, this morning I FINALLY got to the doctor, and low and behold double ear infection with puss to boot! Antibiotics you are my friend.
He must have a high pain threshold or perhaps it's all the party sugar thats keep the mood upbeat:

He came to investigate the party preparations and found himself a bag of freckles.
"Whats behind your back Bear?"

The secret stash of freckles with a side of popcorn. 


I paused at the line and saved to drafts for the arvo, I had intended on writing something interesting or funny but the best I could come up with is that Henry just Unwrapped the pass-the-parcel. All 20 layers and came running in with handfuls of loot. 
Not happy Jan.
(I secretly wish I had taken a photo, but I had my cross face on and couldn't say "Hey smile you turkey".

Liv xo

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

I only have 4 kids.

There seems to be a pattern emerging. 

Liv xo

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Some life lessons these past 24 hours...

I'm a big believer of getting out of life what you put into it. Some things we can teach ourselves and others, if we are willing to learn, we learn from others.

Lesson 1.
Last night, my Dad was awarded Life Membership at our School Footy Club. For 22 years he has served The Lions, as President when my brothers went through and now as coach of the Mighty U10's (my son's team, his grandson). Hours and hours of coaching, driving, cooking BBQs, attending meetings, sideline banter, mentoring......and more coaching.

I was so proud last night Dad, you truly deserved the accolade and acknowledgement of your passion, dedication and a generosity to The Redfield Lions, you showed that room full of Wallaby-wanna-bes what spirit and commitment really are.

*Mum deserved the same award, she was there, alongside Dad for all those years too. She washed the jerseys, cut up the oranges and most importantly prayed her little heart out for the boys safety and of course for a win at every. single. game.!

Lesson 2.
This week the class camp permission slip arrived in the post with a hefty price tag, and much to my son's horror, we said no. I was so disappointed for him, I could see the sadness in his eyes, but  sometimes kids have to learn that life is tough, and you can't have everything. This kid is a go-getter, he has already been on one camp and wants to go on the surf camp in summer so we had to draw the line somewhere.
After digesting the news for a few days he came up with a busk his way to camp! At first I giggled (under my breath) but then I thought, nah this takes guts, it's a great initiative and something I should encourage. So this morning I drove he and one friend to the local shops. I watched from a distance (purely selfish - pride) as they went about setting up their "gig", and then my pride and their's was shattered. Security. Security. They were asked to leave the premises before they had even started.
I marched over, whisked the music stand up under my arm and with my head held high (albeit, extremely humbled) told them, "we'll find a better place anyway." So we drove out of the shopping complex and parked a mere 50m up the road and they stood on the footpath in the shade of a coolabah tree and trumpeted "London Bridge is falling down" until they were $25 richer and I was 25 decibels deafer. 
When we dropped Mike's friend home, Mike handed over his $12.50, to which he replied, "No, you keep it, I did it for you, I really want you to come to camp". Thank goodness I had dark glasses on, thats all I can say! 
The $25 won't even pay for the bus ride there, but it was the lesson learnt. Money doesn't grow on trees  but mateship is something you can have in abundance if you give of yourself. 

Lesson 3.
Feeling a bit of mother guilt for taking #1 busking this morning, I agreed to help #2 with an experiment this afternoon, but I really need to learn my own limits. Sometimes 'no' is ok. I burnt the damn florentines whilst turning lilies multicoloured.

Taught one lesson, learnt another. Swings and roundabouts! 
Have a happy Sunday tomorrow,
Liv xo

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Fessing up to embarrassing moments this week.

I'm not sure if it's that I'm in the busiest month of the year to date or that Spring has taken my mind to dizzying heights, but I'm not quite present at the moment.

1. On Monday with Lulu and her little friend Max in the car Lulu asks: "Mum how come Bella's chicken eggs didn't turn into chickens?"
I replied: "Well because if the mummy chook doesn't sit on them long enough and warm them they don't grow into chickens".
(silence for a bit) then 6 y.o. Max pipes up: "No Mrs Denahy, it's because they need a rooster to make chickens".
"yes of course" I replied.

boy did I feel stupid! Luckily the topic was averted and we didn't have to launch into "the talk", Max probably knew more than me anyway!

2. Then yesterday I drove about 10kms without realising I had the "eventual left" blinking away.

3. And lastly, winning the gong of moments, immediately after the "eventual left" scenario I jumped out of the car with a $50 note and my mobile. You never think you'll need that basket when you go in for just one item, but after my tenth and running out of tentacles, I frisked for a pocket to put my mobile in, only to find the elastic of my gym pants (just so you know it was at the back under my shirt) but moments later I was sporting a rectangular poo. I wasn't sure what to do, reach in and risk the humiliation of locals thinking I have worms, or leave it there and pretend there is absolutely nothing wrong with having your mobile dangling at the rear.
Well I would have risked the worm humiliation had I a spare hand, but the fact was I didn't, so a rectangular poo it was until I reached the counter.

....and NO, I'm not pregnant, but I'm sure glad it's warm today, I'm going to finish up my chores and have a much needed cuppa in the sun to comfort my pride.

Have you done anything recently I should know about, that would perhaps make me feel better?

With Love and a bowed head,
Liv xo

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Family fun

Yesterday was a bit gloomy but the need to get 5 little kids out of the house far outweighed the warmth and comfort of the lounge room.
So off we! It wasn't our day, all we scored was a wasp bite and a slushy but at least Paul and I could tick the 'what are we doing today' box.
Paul spent the entire time baiting rods.

....and again

Check out Bear, all cheek that kid!

Testing his limits....apparently I have to let them do this!

After an hour of nada, Jim spotted these ducks and announced that it was going to be "roast duck for dinner instead"

*A funny story: last time the boys went fishing in this spot Jimmy caught a tiny little Bream and as he pulled it up out of the water a cormorant flew down and snavelled it, but in the process got hooked himself. Then as Jim wrestled with the bird the little fish plopped out of the birds throat and back into the water leaving his two aggressors to fight the battle.
Classic win for the fish!

A wasp bite finished us off and we took the patient home to nurse the wound and do some painting to heal his spirit!

Hope you had a happy Sunday and are getting over Mondayitis...i'm struggling (6 loads of washing, no joke).

Liv xo


Saturday, 7 September 2013

Short and sweet today...

Rudd the joke is on you!

(like it was 4 years ago when my boys 'bunny-eared' you in Tassie).

Liv xo

Friday, 6 September 2013

More of Spring...

 With Spring comes an abundance of pretty photos, and already I'm running behind. I don't always feel I have to churn out a post a day but every day in Spring something new and colourful blooms or happens and I feel I have to share it with you, so I won't say too much this month (* hubby laughs) but I'll keep the camera rolling.
Yesterday we woke up to a thick fog, only the second in the past 3 months,  so out came the lens and once the biggies were off at school Bear and I rode to the horses and captured some beautiful freesias and dewy spiderwebs.

My Father in law bought me some Gladi bulbs and they arrived yesterday, so Bear and I popped them in today along with 3 punnets of strawberries that my Mother in law cultivated.

Bear found the usual play mate.....along with a cup of "werns" 

"tied to the  kitchen sick" never looked so good. No less than 7 vases smiling at me.

I gave these to my sister when she miscarried a little bub a few years back, they always make me smile.
We have 3 angels in Heaven between us now, and 9 delicious naughties here on earth!

Potted colour!
(I had better go and water those pansies)

Ok, over and out.
Liv xo