Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Cutest bundle ever.

My life has just flipped on its head, I've gone from wearing teacher frocks and heels to wearing gym gear and my lunch, all in the space of a few days. Madness I tell you!
Despite the previous post here prac was fabulous. I had a great time with a gorgeous supervisor, one of the kindest woman in my address book.

So making up for lost time, I raced to the mountains yesterday to see my new nephew. I was given strict instructions from hubby: "don't hold him for too long", and so I broke the rule a hundred times over.  In fact, I had to ice my ovaries as soon as I got home.
Talking about going home, a dear friend dropped in to my sisters at the same time and brought with her half the local deli. So as I bundled myself and Bear into the car, my sister tucked a Vietnamese roll in my bag for the drive home. Ever had one? Quite something, a massive bread roll packed with meat, spring onions, grated carrot, chillies, oodles of fresh coriander, and even more oodles of Asian mayonnaise wrapped in a million layers of annoying baking paper and paper bag.
So cruising down the freeway at 110km/hr I decided to tackle the Vietnamese mountain.
I reckon I had more mayo on the steering wheel than in my mouth and the car certainly got a spray of each ingredient plus a covering in flicked baking paper pieces. When I finally got to school Jimmy looked at me sideways and said "Mum, why is there grated carrot on the steering wheel?"
My simple answer, "well honey, I've just had lunch with the King of Vietnam."

I apologise for the above photo, there are more chins there than you'll find in a Chinese phonebook, but yesterdays (second) visit in gym gear was even more objectionable (like it, Mrs Denahy coming out).

Hope you are all well and finally enjoying the Winter woolies.
Much Love
Liv x

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Hiho hiho it's off to work I go...

Almost three weeks ago (20 days ago to be exact, 6 to go…but whose counting?!) I donned heals in favour of  out of necessity, I donned a conservative ensemble in favour of instead of my comfy mumu and jeans, and I quiffed the hair a little more profesh than my daily birds nest, then I headed out the door to face the real world. Not my real world, but the other real world, the one I've never really been a part of (still not a part of, just completing my DipEd prac- visual arts). Twelve years of nappies, craft and playdates is vastly different to appropriate staffroom decorum.

It started off on a bad note when I put a ladder in my stocking as I got dressed on my first day. The only spare pair were a "short" pair and the crotch waded half way down my legs the entire day. So trying to walk professionally in heals and hike the stockings up every two minutes was probably more of a concern to me than actually teaching my first class.
At lunch I braved the senior staffroom and everyone, I mean, every single staff member, pulled out a microwavable container or tuna and salad….except me. I unwrapped the same ham sambo I sent with my kids to school. I immediately felt out of the heat-your-fancy-lunch-loop. Ah to hell with fancy, I'm a mum first and foremost, and whats wrong with a sambo anyway?
The first two days I shook in my boots, it was all a bit overwhelming and I may have thought about having another baby once or twice. Just kidding (maybe not).
When did our youth become so tall? It's got to be more than hormones in chicken, I reckon someone has laced the water too. They're enormous. I've been swimming around their armpits for weeks and I'm in heals. O the heals….horrid stupid things. I feel perfectly feminine and sophisticated in front of the mirror at home, but the second I hit the school path I'm like a walking octopus. Hubby likened it to chewing a mintie with my bottom. Too many visuals, sorry.
Anyway, I know it's been way too long between posts, but to tell the truth, I've barely had time to breathe, let only blog. And I know I promised I'd keep reading my favs but I have to fess up and say, I haven't done that either. But I will, I promise - 6 days to go and i'll catch up on all of your news and shenanigans.
Despite the fear I had coming into this prac, and the loathing of heals every morning (my feet cry, I hear them), I have had a fabulous time, and I think this new stage of life might just be growing on me.
Anyway, it's a school night :) and Mrs Denahy has to put her head on the pillow before I pass out from lack of sleep.
Much Love to you all,
Liv x
ps a HUGE shout out to my Mother in law, Father in law, Mum, Aunty and my hubby for helping me out with Bear over the last few weeks. The house will have to wait. x