Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Last weekend of the holidays

I've been a bit absent of late, blogland has taken a back seat to my other life (family + uni)!
I do love the hols, but when you have 4 kids you have to play the role of Mrs Even ALL THE TIME. If one has a play date, a party, or a friend over, the others want it in equal portions. It does my head in. So this past weekend, the last weekend of the Easter hols before freedom  school started again, was a stay-at-home weekend. I had assignments coming out my ears and 4 bored beans to entertain, but by hook or by crook we weren't going anywhere. When push came to shove, we put our boots on and went as far as the creek down the back.

(Bear looking a bit "special in his PJ's , keeping an eye on the dog in the creek and trying to smile for the camera at the same time)
 The boys made a "wall of fame", even I got a gernsy.

We found this lonesome cray making his way down the creek. He hissed at the dog and made for some nervous excitement. 

Boredom abated for a spot …

Sunday saw us entertain the newly engaged lovebirds and I met Ez's gorgeous parents and sister for the first time.

And that's it, back to lunch boxes and homework for another 8 weeks.
This term is short but massive. It's exam term for the big boys, and I have my first ever prac for 4 weeks.  So I may not be around much, but rest assured I'll still be reading my favourite blogs.
(I have one more stash of photos for an AUTUMN post already lined up for tomorrow, but after that we'll just have to see?!)

Just one other thing:
A wonderful man was canonised on Sunday in Rome, Pope John Paul II. I was lucky enough to be blessed by him as a 6 year old girl.

Much Love
Liv x

Monday, 21 April 2014

A country Easter!

This Easter we headed to my inlaws for a big family reunion, the first time in 8 years all of hubby's siblings have been together. It was a relaxing affair with the usual hit of tennis, fishing, music session, joke-athon, egg hunt, 8mm slide show, plenty of grape juice, plenty of laughs and all of the Easter services (well I only made half of the vigil Mass,  Bear projectile vomited down my cleavage, 3 massive heaves to be exact (never a dull moment with kids). 
The cousins had a ball, Grandma fussed a plenty, and we all filled our lungs with some fresh country air.

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter too, surrounded by loving family and friends. I hope you also got some time to yourself to stop and reflect on the real meaning of Easter. Jesus lived and died for us, that's pretty amazing. On Good Friday I always think of Mary having to watch the execution of her only son. The image of her at the foot of the cross cradling Jesus is so powerful.
….and I hope you all had as much chocolate as I did, because I'm feeling pretty cross with myself with my lack of self control!

Much Love
Liv xx

and while we were away I got a phone call….
My little (big) brother is getting hitched.
So thrilled to welcome Ez to our family. (I really shouldn't have had that many chocolate eggs, I have a wedding to get to)

Liv xo

Thursday, 10 April 2014

…and don't you dare come out of your bedroom.

…those were the last words I spoke as I marched down the hall and into the quiet of the lounge room, leaving the three year old tantrum to cry itself to sleep.

You can generally tick the box, don't you think?!: 
  … little bugger
  … coming down with something
  … worms

Today,  my guess is the first and third. Mum always used to say that whenever we were grumpy and irritable (even just one of us) she would worm the lot.  So today, my dear family, you're all going to be wormed. Husband included. 
The joys of parenting.

Liv x 
(definitely a mundane post, but just needed to vent) 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Just two random things today, thats all.

Random #1
This morning whilst enjoying my morning coffee and flicking through Facebook, I noticed a friend had put up an album of beautiful wedding dresses. So I turned to Paul and asked:
Me: "Darl be honest, when you saw me walking down the aisle, did you like my wedding dress or not?"
Paul: "Yep"
Me: "Can you elaborate!? Do you even remember what it looked like?"
Paul: "Um, yeah…it was white….and……it had a tail."

Oh dear.

Ok, so my dress was very simple, but it was elegant. It was off the shoulder, the bodice had alternate bands of satin and Swarovski crystals, it was definitely NOT meringue-y but it did flow nicely and the veil (not tail) was simple and quite long with a fine satin trim.
Now is that too much of a description to ask for?

So to all you single women out there, don't  spend all that money and emotional energy choosing "the dress", when lets be honest, blokes never remember details.

Random #2

Bear's red-nut mop is becoming quite unruly and he is refusing to get it cut (Believe me, i've tried. I've hacked it three times myself and wrestled twice with him at the barber's). Anyhow, today we had a school Mass to attend so away with GRUG and in with the gel and a new jumper.
Then Buz turns around and says, "Mum what the hell have you done? He looks like one of those rich jerks that teases all the poor kids".

Maybe some remember details! 

  Liv x