Thursday, 10 April 2014

…and don't you dare come out of your bedroom.

…those were the last words I spoke as I marched down the hall and into the quiet of the lounge room, leaving the three year old tantrum to cry itself to sleep.

You can generally tick the box, don't you think?!: 
  … little bugger
  … coming down with something
  … worms

Today,  my guess is the first and third. Mum always used to say that whenever we were grumpy and irritable (even just one of us) she would worm the lot.  So today, my dear family, you're all going to be wormed. Husband included. 
The joys of parenting.

Liv x 
(definitely a mundane post, but just needed to vent) 


  1. OH friend! Though he was a little bugger he is so darn cute there! He has so much in common with my little 3 year old guy! We are just coming out of a bit of cold around here which left everyone in this state! You are a good mama! Here is to good things to come this weekend!!! Nicole xoxo

  2. My poor little bear ha ha! I worm my lot too, what with all the mud and nose picking that goes on. We have the chocolate worming blocks. I left them on the bench and came back to find that Tom had eaten nearly the whole lot...........after calling the pharmacist he said not to worry and that he should be covered for the next 5 years or so! xo

    1. haha, Bear LOVES it too, he tells me all the time he has worms, just to get the choc

  3. ah yes, I always coincide the 'job' with school hols, then I can remember when I last did it. and the other symptom here is wet beds, we've been having alot of them lately. had forgot to remember the irritables is another symptom.

    1. wet beds, of course…it all makes sense.
      BOYS…..disgusting (and gorgeous)!

  4. What is it with 3 year old boys and not sleeping??? My little guy is just hopeless at it too!