Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Just two random things today, thats all.

Random #1
This morning whilst enjoying my morning coffee and flicking through Facebook, I noticed a friend had put up an album of beautiful wedding dresses. So I turned to Paul and asked:
Me: "Darl be honest, when you saw me walking down the aisle, did you like my wedding dress or not?"
Paul: "Yep"
Me: "Can you elaborate!? Do you even remember what it looked like?"
Paul: "Um, yeah…it was white….and…...um…it had a tail."

Oh dear.

Ok, so my dress was very simple, but it was elegant. It was off the shoulder, the bodice had alternate bands of satin and Swarovski crystals, it was definitely NOT meringue-y but it did flow nicely and the veil (not tail) was simple and quite long with a fine satin trim.
Now is that too much of a description to ask for?

So to all you single women out there, don't  spend all that money and emotional energy choosing "the dress", when lets be honest, blokes never remember details.

Random #2

Bear's red-nut mop is becoming quite unruly and he is refusing to get it cut (Believe me, i've tried. I've hacked it three times myself and wrestled twice with him at the barber's). Anyhow, today we had a school Mass to attend so away with GRUG and in with the gel and a new jumper.
Then Buz turns around and says, "Mum what the hell have you done? He looks like one of those rich jerks that teases all the poor kids".

Maybe some remember details! 

  Liv x


  1. Well, I for one I am glad I got married in a drab old dress that is good for any other occasion, too (funerals, job interviews....) :)
    Your bear looks sweet, gel and all.

  2. I am with you on the dress thing! SO very very true! I think my hubs was shaking so much at the knees there was no time to focus on dress details! And your little one is adorable! Ha...love those conversations! I think his hair looks so cute with his sweater!! Lovely day to you Liv! Nicole xoxo

  3. Olivia
    re 1, sage advice. Though I had to laugh at your convo with your husband:)
    re 2, your Buz sounds like such a larrikin.

  4. White with a tail, love it! Glad I'm not the only one who suffers from 3 year old haircut "issues" - George hates having his hair cut. Finally gave in a couple of months ago as he kept being mistaken for a girl. He screamed the barbershop down. I'm dreading the next visit. I think Bear looks awesome, gel and all! xo

  5. love your convo with hubby .!! Gah Men ! hehe.

    OH gosh My 5 year old BOY hates his hair cut .sigh I had to bribe him that I would buy him something bad I know but his hair was soooo LONG ish Almost a mullet. lol im dreading the next visit too.Maybe he will have it cut at Christmas time :/

    1. also I forgot to add ive been reading about angel gowns on facebook .they make gowns from donated wedding dresses for little ones gone to heaven.Im thinking of donating me.hugs xo

    2. gah I mean Mine! maybe that's a sign I should be in bed.lol