Saturday, 5 July 2014

Family cook off #1

Last week I set the boys a challenge: to make (and clean up) dinner and dessert for the whole family (they could copy a recipe off the internet or make it up themselves). They also had to "dress" the table.
Budget: $30 
Their immediate response:
Buz: "Can we keep the change?, if so we're having snags"
Jim: "I'm getting takeaway"
Not quite the response I had hoped for.

So yesterday we made a trip to the shops, and as everything was being whisked through the checkout, I stopped the checkout chick just before she swiped three jumbo KitKats and a pack of Lemon-lime bitters, "Oh sorry but those aren't mine"
Jim: "Actually they are, 30 bucks worth mum"

Today Chef #1, Jimmy,  took on the challenge.
Dinner: Spaghetti and meatballs
Dessert: Cookies & cream ice-cream sandwiches and KitKats
Drinks: (warm) Pop-tops and Lemon-lime bitters

Shortly after being left to his own devices, Jimmy came into my room.
Jim: "Ah Mum, I've boiled the water but can you teach me how to cook meatballs?"
Me: "Jim, you've had a whole week to research all of this, and it's 2pm, you only boil the water for the pasta at the last minute……also, never use the front hotplate and always face the handle out of Henry's reach (*speech on burns)…there should be more than 1cm of water when boiling a whole packet of spaghetti…..and why is there fettuccine all over the bench?"
Jim: "That's spagetti."
(* it was a long afternoon)

Jim: "These onions are horrible"
Me: "Now do you appreciate what I do everyday"
Jim: "Yeah but you're a mum, you're used to it"

*Gloves came complementary with the challenge!

Then it turned nasty, as it often does...

But dessert smoothed everything over. Ice-cream sandwiches and KitKats. 

I have to say I was totally shocked, it was really tasty. He had the red sauce simmering away slowly for 3 hours and it was pretty darn good.
Buzzy has a big challenge ahead of him.

Well done Jimmy
Love Mum x


  1. This is off the charts awesome Liv!!! I am pinning this on my board of things to do with the beans when they are a bit older! Not only teaches them to cook but the value in what you do and how much work it is!! Loved it! And your boys are adorable with that sign and the table setting! What a great mama you are....hope that you are doing well with all of your work and studies! Nicole xoxo

    1. Thanks Nicole, i'm getting there. Not sure what is harder: Uni or entertaining kiddies non-stop?!?!

  2. That's fantastic! Well done Jimmy! I'm totally going to steal this idea for my kids this week - they already score my dinners MasterChef-style and now I'm going to turn the tables on them mwha ha!

  3. The meatballs look delicious! My older ones are reasonable cooks but I have never set them a budget. I shall change this after we get back from our holidays. Usually, it is more work to clean up after I let a child loose in the kitchen than cooking myself AND cleaning up.

    1. The budget is good b/c it makes them think that EVERYTHING costs money. Jim actually went straight for the organic mince, and i said "if you want organic thats fine but be aware that you may have to go cheap on the dessert"…..he hurled it back on the shelf in a jiffy!

  4. Impressive Jim!! Your boys are too funny, really.
    so what score did he get? or are you waiting to compare?

    1. waiting to compare Erin, but Buz has been sick, so hopefully tomorrow!

  5. Keira loved the post and thought it was very funny! She can't boil pasta either but she loves doing menus, seating arrangements and setting the table! I love it! not sure my guys are big enough yet:) :)

    1. I'm with Keira, dressing the table is the best part! (and the dessert)

  6. Such a great idea - love seeing boys hard at work in the kitchen. xo