Friday, 4 July 2014

Winter Holidays 2014

We've just clocked up two weeks of the 3 week break and boy o boy its been full….full of words. See, one of my 4 is a details man. If you ask a short question you generally get a thesis + the weather and what he wants for lunch in reply, so I never ask anything when I'm in a rush. Infact I generally like to have a cuppa brewed for the occasion, and I've learnt never to ask about the book he is reading NEVER.

So, other than that tricky bit of info….now I'm realising he is just like me (ouch, the truth just kicked me in the guts)…so to other news.

We haven't done a hell of a lot because my amazing bread winner is winning bread, so its just been day trips here and there, friends and cousin time.

 …and no I didn't say "Peace me, pose and caress Repunzel", all I said was 'look this way'.

 We went to an AFL game, Bear was not convinced, straight back to rugby.

I attempted one painting these hols, but the boys have all but completely taken over the studio with their cousins for sleep-overs and ghost stories. 
 I got a day respite from this cute fella when Pop took him to the shops….this is what they got up to.

Ummm….not sure what to caption this with.
'special child likes to read upside down on kids car' ?!?!

 Lazy afternoons knitting in front of Nana's fire with the sun streaming through the windows. 
(A whole post on my first ever knitting project coming up soon)

Today we went to the movies and then I braved Woolies and Aldi with 4 kids.  One and a half trollies later and I was ready to book myself in to an institution. Don't do it. I always think that it will never be as bad as last time, but it's worse cos you beat yourself up that you did it again.
I suppose it didn't help that I had given the big boys a cooking challenge. They had $30 to plan and cook a meal for the family, but a lot of rubbish seemed to slip into the trolley too. (another post on the Masterchef cook off coming soon too)

On top of that we caught the obligatory holiday vomit bug and next week…..lots of nothing. I'm expecting the worst, praying for the best.

Hope your hols have been fun.
Much Love
Liv xo


  1. Oh Olivia, your kids are all larrikins, even your girl:):) All this time I was thinking it was your husband's gene but now I see your Dad plays a part! The book reading boy totally cracked me up, totally!!!

    1. Yes Erin, they can't escape the larrikin gene on either side!

  2. You just gotta send that Bear up to me. How I miss larrikin little kids. You enjoy the rest of your holidays!

  3. I have made that mistake many times, shopping with four kids! I am going to invest in four sets of handcuffs I think, to attach them to the trolley. Mind you, they might must wreck the shop, running in a team with a trolley in their midst. The joys of children. Love the photos with the boy reading upside down. I have a boy with "verbal diarrhea", it is amusing and exhausting at the same time. I can't keep up with the speed of topic change he likes.
    On a different topic: Would you be happy to be awarded a Liebster Award? I have to pass the baton to other bloggers with less than 200 followers, blogs I enjoy reading. Email me if you are interested:

    1. Yeah verbal diarrhoea runs in the family Christina, so the poor kid had no hope!
      I'd love to receive the Liebster award, but it may take me some time to answer all the questions. x

    2. Thanks Liv, that is great. I don't think there is any time limit, I have been nominated weeks ago and have still not quite published my post... I am hoping to schedule the post for when I am away in a weeks time. Happy to email you details if you want. x

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  5. If that's your first-ever knitting project, I can't wait yo read on! Speaking if reading, how funny is that car-reading position!? It's like my youngest insists that she is comfortable lying with her arm straight up in the air... I know. Kids, huh? x