Saturday, 25 October 2014

I Do…….

Family is everything!!!

I've just come down from the high that was my brother's wedding, and I can finally focus to write another post.
It was, without a doubt, the best wedding (besides my own) that I have ever been too. 
We headed west to Mudgee for three wonderful days of celebration where my childhood soulmate married his forever soulmate Ezzy, and I couldn't be happier for them. 
With bucket loads of love, incredible positivity, deep commitment and honesty, strong faith and two incredible marriages to be inspired by, in their parents, they will be blessed with a beautiful marriage and lifetime of love and joy.

My brothers (two on left).
Blessings from Heaven!

 Me with my gorgeous brother
My little fam!
Hubby and I

 My sister and my niece 

Mum & Dad
Ez's fam
Our massive clan

…with their new Aunty.
Ez made these kid's dreams come true, they really felt a part of this fairytale. 
Usually kids are on the table in the back corner of the room, but Ezzy put them centre stage, right in front of the bridal table. The danced until they had nothing left to give…
Lulu later said to Nana: "I'm going to ask Ez for notes, because thats exactly how I want my wedding to be"

My fam, minus the groom

So much love…..

Love you both very much
Liv x


  1. oh Liv, what a gorgeous wedding! and what a good looking bunch your family is. Looked like a wonderful day, and how cute were those little ones.

  2. Oh my goodness and beautiful is your family??!! The wedding, it's setting and all the stunning touches is just amazing. You look beautiful in your yellow dress too. My heart did a wee flip on seeing Bear......such a handsome little chap. xoxo

    1. He was sooo cute Elaina. Towards the end of the night he asked me to take his "bone" off (bow tie!)

  3. Wow. It looks like a beautiful day. I love the photo of the four little flower girls peering through the window.

  4. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!!
    Bride and Groom so much in love, your little darlin's in the Wedding party!:) Your own family all looking gorgeous!! Classy in yellow. Loved the Church!! Looks like lots of guests. and so beautiful the children were honoured.

  5. It does not get any prettier than this Liv! Seriously! What a stunning family you have! LOVE those outfits for the little sweeties! And you look beautiful! And the bride and groom...come on...they should be in a movie!!!!! I loved every single photo and the setting for the reception is amazing!!!! Wishing them many years of happiness! All the best to you pal! Nicole xo