Monday, 8 December 2014

Elf on the shelf is back, 2014!

True to form, we had the tree and nativity scene up far too early like maybe November.
For the last 3 years I have promised myself I wouldn't do it again, but I keep reminding myself that some promises are made to be broken?!?!
I was so excited this year because we bought our first ever real tree. It's alive and growing in a pot…plump and stout and all things gorgeous.
There is plenty of Christmas fun going on around our digs: loads of craft, lots of wrapping and a pathetic amount of Buble and Mariah. But the greatest excitement goes to the arrival of Rudy for the second year running.

Rudy surprised the little people on December 1 when he burst through an envelope that was hanging from our tree (with torrential rain that night, he never made it to the letter box).
Master 3 and Miss 7 were SOOO excited, even the biggies were thrilled he had returned.

And so the magic of Christmas continues…

Rudy got a make-over this year with poms poms and cuffs!

Jimmy insisted that Rudy may like to sleep in this house he built, so we left it out for him and true to form, he made himself at home.

Rudy emptied the DVD drawers and climbed up to balance on the TV. 

Master 3 was caught red-handed with latex gloves. 
Me: "Henry you know Rudy will lose his magic if you touch him"
Henry: "but Mum I've got gwubs on and I just want to shake his hand"

To be continued……

Much love
Rudy   Liv xo


  1. Oh Olivia, hilarious!! So glad Rudy is back:) and love the gwbus!
    Maybe I should 'steal' your idea, not too late:)

  2. Love it! Especially swinging on the candy came!

  3. You are a very clever lady! Love the swing, and Henry is too cute! XxT