Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Elf on the Shelf 2014, part II

The days are racing by and my time is not quite my own at the moment, but my brother insists on the second instalment of Rudy, so here it is, and just incase I don't get back here before the New Year 
I'd like to wish you all a very blessed Christmas, surrounded by loving family and friends.
May the Child Jesus fill you all with His light and love and bless you all with a peace filled 2015.
Much Love
Liv xo

Then….. in-the-know-Jimmy decided it was his turn to have a go
Below is his creation!
(a shop scenario he tells me: Santa with someone on his lap and Rudy is the elf helper giving out candy canes)
I'll resume tomorrow night!

In other news :

The kids have all been very creative with their Christmas craft

In fact the craft situation got so got out of control I had to move this table to another room.

 We have been RACKing (Random acts of Christmas kindness) the locals

We went into town for Dad's birthday dinner and whilst there we saw the Lego tree on Pitt St, did a spot of Christmas shopping, picked up some much needed Nespresso pods, went to Mass at St Mary's Cathedral and wore squelchy high heels in puddles all night.

We have discovered geocaching. My enthusiasm is waning ...

their's isn't :(

Eeekkkk! Two this season already.

A wee bit of relaxing.

 Carols by Candlelight and mozzie infestation.

Pretty Christmas blooms

Loads of parties

A few Christmas concerts

A family fun…$4 went to Jim!

And thats the wrap.
Merry Christmas, 
Much Love
 Liv xoxoxox


  1. Happy Christmas! What a lovely cheery happy post! xx

  2. Love the whole elf on a shelf thing, hilarious. The photo of you and your beautiful family with the Sydney harbour bridge in the background is fab, frame it! Merry Christmas lovely to you and your family..........and much love for the New Year xoxo

  3. Ok...I am so pinning your elf festivities!!! Those are just too fantastic!!!! And holy cow....your new painting up there! Are ya kidding me is gorgeous! Everything is so beautiful in your neck of the woods minus that snake!!! Merry Christmas to you and your crew friend! Nicole xoxo

  4. Looks like a wonderful lead up to Christmas, hope it was full of joy and that 2015 is filled with hope and endless possibilities!