Wednesday, 8 May 2013

About me

Hi there!
For 7 years I've conjured up believable excuses to avoid starting a blog, but I've finally run out, and so.....I'm the new kid on the blog!
In short, I'm from Sydney Australia and you may call me Liv!
I'm also one of 5 kids to loving parents who clock up 40 years of marital bliss this year; I've lived in 2 states, 3 major cities and 21 homes; I have visited 11 countries; begun 4 university degrees, finished one (hooray!); married once and only once ( a bloody funny bloke, even if i'm the only one who laughs at his jokes); given birth to 4 beautiful babies (carried 5); I've made and drunk millions of coffees......and I'm not even a "numbers type", I'm the "home-made, crafty type".

My life is simple but it's daily ramblings are lawless, well, that is until hubby comes home and then it resembles something more like ordered chaos with a splash of military discipline (and a lot of laughs).
I am an artist with a Ba in Fine Arts, a thrifter (or as my niece puts it, a scab), a lover of all things handmade and I particularly love to marvel the mundane.

I aim to use this blog as a springboard for my art, a pin board for inspiration and a space to share all that is precious to me and my family.
There is little doubt that we all remember the magic: the overseas trip, the new house, the surprise birthday party, but often we overlook the little things or those precious moments that make up 95% of our days and a lifetime of memories. So I want to marvel and recall the mundane for my kids and hopefully inspire other bloggers to do the same. Other than that I'm not exactly sure what else it is I have to offer the blogosphere, but I do know I have a propensity to talk (a lot) and a big capacity to love and share all that my heart leaps at.
...and I've just discovered that I use far too many '( )', '.....' and '!!!!'     (....sorry!)

I hope you pop by often and enjoy my digression from your and my daily chores.

With love
Liv xo


  1. Hi Liv, thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog the other day :) I was so chuffed to read them as I don't often get comments. Have just popped over to your space and loved your introductory post, even all the () !!! and .... I too have a propensity to use all three. Sometimes there's no other way to emphasise your excitement, enthusiasm and energy without them. Looking forward to reading more of you, Sheridan xx

    1. It was lovely to read all about your brave and amazing adventure.
      I've just started out on this blog thing and I can imagine the lack of comments could make you wonder if its worth it...are people reading it?!?! But believe me there are! I've been reading blogs for 8 years and only now that I have my own am I able to make comments.
      Your words are inspiring and your journey fascinating....keep writing! xo

  2. Lovely to see a new fresh blog emerging - there are lots of lovely blogs to link with. i look forward to getting to "know" you along the way!