Wednesday, 8 May 2013

New kid on the blog!

Morning peeps!
I have been reading blogs for 8 years now and FINALLY I've decided to take the plunge, and so I am very humbled you popped by, hello to you!
I've blubbered enough about me and why I am writing this blog in 'about', so straight to it!

This first week of term 1 holidays has been busy but wonderful. The dreams I had of sleeps ins and chilling on the couch with a book...are still dreams, but the time together has been just what the doctor ordered.

We have had all four seasons this week. The kids were swimming at the start of the week, then we watched black clouds roll in, the sun poked his head out again briefly, the heavens opened and now the heater is on!

But I was prepared this time! I've made the unprepared mistake before and things went pear-shaped very quickly. Before the hols I stocked up on balsa wood, glue, beads, stickers, cardboard, cake mixes, carrots ( to feed the entire streets horse population), chicken for the yabbi traps, wine and a little bit more wine!
And 8 days in:
We've been to two parties and had a few play dates.
The kids have each made (with their perfectionists mothers annoying "why don't you try it this way instead" kinda help) balsa wood models.
Lulu and her cousins beaded/braided each others hair, but the knots, tangles and frustration that ensued meant no photos were taken.
Cupcakes were baked a plenty!
Fresh water crays and eels were caught in the creek.
The trampoline got a beating, the old swing go a makeover, the veggie patch was gutted and replanted with winter delights and my propagated hydrangeas were finally planted.

Although its been fun, with a little luck this week my dream of a sleep in might come true!

Lulu's project/ castle
Mike's house minus its verandah (still to be finished)
Jimmy's house
Hubby's project
Henry's daily activity!

My project 
Vege patch

How did your holidays pan out?
Liv xo

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