Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Pops of Autumnal colour !

Walking around the garden today, I snapped this little gift. 

'No spring nor summer beauty
hath such grace as I have 
seen in one autumnal face.'
                    ~ John Donne~ 

So true huh?!
I love the annual show Autumn puts on, it is like my paint palette when I am in full swing: colourful, messy and a joy to ponder. 

Chrysanthemums are in full bloom, great pickables for friends and they last in vases forever.

Falling, crunchy leaves of reds, oranges and all in between.

The chillies are finishing, so we harvest them and dry them out ready for our winter curries along with the fragrant coriander which is now filling up our vege patch!

And then a punch of citrus to warn us that winter is looming.

With only two chilli plants my harvest was a lot smaller than this lot, but last week I popped into a Bonsai Nursery and out the front in a makeshift carpark was this delicious and spicy sight! A HUGE  tarpulion  covered in chillies! Not sure what they had to do with Bonsai....but there you go!
Another gorgeous pop of colour.

I hope you enjoy the last bursts of colour before we all bunker down with woolies and marshmallows. 
With Love
Liv xo

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