Friday, 1 November 2013

Switcharoo: the mundane to the magic!

Eighteen months ago my Dad did a building job for a Chinese man, whose hobby was his garden. According to Dad, he had more pots than one could care to count in his suburban backyard, and one day he said, "Mike, I not have room for all dis pants, take dis one, exotic one. Bery rare, bery bootiful."
Dad took it to be polite, but it didn't look "bery bootiful", it looked more like a cheap cactus in a cheap plastic pot with a few weeds. Needless to say it has spent the last 18 months around the back near the clothesline, tucked under a gardenia.
Then last week whilst hanging out my 1 millionth load, I spotted some buds shooting from it. 

This is her today. Bery exotic and bery bootiful. 

Anyone know her botanical name ??
I think it's time I weed the little lady and pop her in a fancier pot?!?!

Hope you have an exotic weekend.
Much Love,
Liv x


  1. Incredibly beautiful! and what a surprise!

  2. What a stunning, vibrant flower! :)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous - I would love a flower like that for my house - it's my all time favourite colour in flowers that beautiful hot pink. Please share her name when you find out :-) Katie xx

  4. She certainly deserves an exotic pot! That flower is amazing!


  5. What a wonderful surprise! It is gorgeous!! Definitely magic x

  6. ack. I know the name, and both mum and MIL have varieties of, but this must be a special version, their flowers aren't as beautiful..... But it completely escapes me for now. I'll get back to you...OH zygocactus I think!

    1. I was sooo excited when I saw your response but I've just looked it up and I don't think it's the one. I have a zygocactus but it's different. Zygo's weep, but this one stands bolt upright?!?!?!

    2. Maybe a a variety of Zygo?!?!

  7. Zygocactus truncata. They are the upright version of the "Christmas cactus".