Monday, 11 November 2013

Christmas Craft

Sorry I've been MIA for sooo long. I have had a busy couple of weeks and unfortunately my little blog has suffered.
So it's time to catch up (FYI: if you don't like rambling blondes then get the hell out of here, I won't judge you!).

ok. To say I loveeeee Christmas is a pathetic understatement. 'Less is more' is my decorating mantra, except when it comes to Christmas. In fact, I get butterflies when I see Christmas trees in stores in late September, I get giddy at the sight of twinkling lights and don't get me started when I hear christmas carols.
Christmas is such a special time, a time to celebrate with family, a time for giving and most especially, a time to give thanks to God and reflect on Jesus' birth and life.

I've begun my Christmas preparations early this year again. I have given two 'christmas decorating' talks, hosted a wreath workshop and have another 3 workshops lined up for this coming week.
I had the first workshop last friday and it was so much fun, here is a pic of two of my girls with their  Advent wreaths.

Pop back later this week and I will post a whole tutorial on how to make them!

Two more wreaths I made as demonstrations for the talks I gave:

(my fav!)

Last weekend the kids begged to put the tree up but I held off for fear of my hubby thinking I'd gone completely mad, so we made a recycled timber tree for our garden instead. Two actually.

Buz and I made this one out of off cuts we had from our reno. We didn't even use paint, all the timber was this colour, Cool huh! 
Can't wait to put it into the ground and drape twinkling white lights on it!

and Jimmy made this one, inspired bya tree in the latest House & Garden mag.

But this weekend the kids won the battle. I tried desperately to convince them otherwise (wink wink).
Michael Buble sang to us as we hung the decorations, set up the nativity and tangled (and untangled) the lights.
I love whilst the three biggies fought for the top branch and their favourite decoration, Bear was content with a 12 month old candy cane he found in the box! puke. 

By the time Dec 25th comes around we usually find Joseph up in the rafters doing some carpentry and a sheep or two on the roof. Mary has been known to wear the crib as a sun hat....but hey, he is only two, he'll get the message eventually. 

Buzzy also made this tiny paper tree:

...and Jimmy this very welcoming sign! (any tips on tactful removal?)  

I keep chanting my mantra "less is more" but it never sticks at Christmas.

(remember to come back for the wreath tutorial tomorrow)

With love
Liv xo



  1. Holy crap, I think I love you. You put your tree up this weekend and I desperatly tried to convince hubby to let me put ours up but it didn't happen. Apparently it's too early. BAH!! No such thing! I want time to enjoy my tree and decorations. I love xmas like nothing else... and I don't have a wreath, so I'll be back!

    1. haha!
      It took some convincing with my hubby too, actually I didn't even try to convince him. I just ignored the "it's too early" (selective hearing on Sundays!)
      As for the wreath, i'll be putting up a tutorial tomorrow, otherwise I have spaces in two more workshops: Sydney this friday night 7:30pm or Glenbrook Blue Mtns 10am this saturday x

  2. Livvy, Richie and I are putting our tree up this week! I'm looking forward to the DIY wreath tute too - they are gorgeous! Bec Xo

    1. I hope you have Buble blaring too! The kids just rolled their eyes as I sang my little heart out!!!
      You should join my workshop on Friday night Bec, 7:30pm ????
      Must catch up soon xx

  3. Wow...looking good. I make my munchkins wait to put up our Christmas tree until the beginning of advent and the lighting of the first candle on the advent wreath at Mass. Alison

    1. Alison, you're dead right, that's when the celebrations should begin....but I struggle with self control! x

  4. Wow you are head starters! My girl was born on Dec 1, so we put the tree up Dec 2, so she doesn't feel her birthday and Jesus' birthday is mixed up - well the santa / commercial stuff anyway, But we do LOVE the season! Love love love that wreath, bring on the tute!

    1. My sisters is the 4th and we always use to out it up on the evening of hers!
      tute is up now! Enjoy x

  5. Hello Olivia! I'm looking forward to the tutorial! This will be the first Christmas in a while that I can actually enjoy the lead up. Although by the time we left there were decorations sprouting all over the place, I still remember our first Christmas in China that was nearly devoid of all decorations because we simply couldn't find any!! Not this year though and definitely not going to happen in Europe, but I think I'd like to make your wreath!!

  6. I LOVE your succulent wreath, Olivia. And your recycled Chrissy tree. And your whole darn Christmas spirit! x

    1. Thanks Bron. Go on, stop writing lists and get into it girl! xxx

  7. Wow you have been busy! I love that succulent wreath looks amazing, I hope it lasts well into the new year!