Friday, 28 March 2014

Dr Dolittle

My 10 year old is quite the Dr Dolittle, despite also being the computer nerd of our house.
The next two pics were taken about 3 years ago (before I blogged) when he found a headless Blue Tongue lizard on our driveway that was obviously in the process of birthing 16 babies when it was attacked by its predator (we presume a dog attacked it). 
Buz ran inside and called us out, and there on the ground was Jim, squeezing the remaining babies (5 had already escaped) out of the mothers belly onto the ground. He was squeezing, like you'd squeeze an icy pole up to the top or squeeze a brown banana out of its skin into cake mix…gizzards, babies and all. Disgusting.
A few of the babies were still incased in their water sacs. He broke those too and scooped the little guys out.  Once the babies were safe in a box, he studied the entire contents of the mother, thrilled to find the beating heart. I walked away. Up until that moment:
1. I didn't know Jimmy was Dr Dolittle.
2. I didn't know that lizards were born alive in sacs.
3. I didn't realise how many babies a lizard could have at one time. Truly amazing, no wonder she was attacked, with 16 babies I wouldn't be able to move very fast either.
4. I didn't think it possible that I would use an entire bottle of Dettol on one kid in one day.

Eight babies survived, and lived with Jim for about 2 months until I begged him to let them go.
 Here they are the first night we had them. Jimmy brought them to the dinner table to clean his plate. I may have lost my cool at that point and he put them on the ground to finish off the left over sausage.
….fast forwarding to this week….

On Sunday Jim mistook this (new born) snake for a worm.  He chased my mum around the garden with it until they both noticed the forked tongue and it was flung through the air with gay abandon!

Then on Monday, we spotted a brush tailed possum in the bird house, which he has been madly trying to coax out.

…and the same day, we found a very old owl on the lawn (who we presume plunged to the ground from the gumtrees above). We called WIRES, brought him inside and gave him some water. 

(two wise owls!)

But WIRES never arrived and by the time the big kids got home from school, this wise old thing was as stiff as a board and Dr Dolittle was at it again.

Jimmy got covered in jumping things (don't know what they were, they looked like a tick with wings???) So into a Dettol bath again. Dettol should sponsor him!

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what ya gonna get"

Happy weekend everyone
Liv x


  1. This is a great post Liv. My lot are all a bit like your Dr Doolittle, with a nerdy twist. I remember one morning when they dissected a dead mouse in the garden to see what they look like inside... Have a lovely weekend. Cx
    P.S, I was dropping in from over at "a little bit country", back soon for a proper read through older posts.

  2. MY goodness do you all have so many amazing nature happenings by you! And I had no idea about lizards...and the babies in sacs and 16?!?!? That is so wild! How did your little guy know to push them out??? How awesome is he!!! And the worm/snake would have been a hard one for me! Worms I can do but snakes...not so much! I love that your kids have all of this exposure to these animals! And that shot of your dad is so sweet! A wonderful weekend to you friend! Nicole xoxo

  3. Loved reading this... a definite vet in the making you have!! The lizards fascinated me... 16? And born live? I thought reptiles laid eggs? And I adore Mr Owl :)

  4. Ugh ... eeek ... and *gags* ... pretty much sums it up

  5. What a heart! Very impressive skills he has, I really wouldn't be surprised if he goes into an animal care field.

  6. I love Jimmy to bits. What a guy! This post was awesome, Olivia. The owl, the 'worm' the Jimmy expressions. x

  7. This is so incredible! Part awesome and part so disgusting. Boys. Boys. Boys.

  8. Oh my gosh, the OWL!!! Cutest thing ever!!! I love him. He's so huge. I want one. I'd be cuddling him all night. Stiff as a board? Did he die? He look alive with young Jimmy there???? Great Post Liv! Mel x

  9. Love this post, great photos and never a dull moment in your house xo