Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Burlap Wreath Tutorial

Yesterday in my christmas craft  post I said I'd give you a little tutorial on how to make one of these pretty burlap Advent wreaths:
So firstly, pop Mr Buble's christmas album on and pour yourself some festive bubbles!

Cut 3 x 1m length strips of burlap and wrap the entire foam ring, fastening with small nails. (nails hold better than pins)

Cut approximately 80 squares (12 x 12cm)
Fold them in half

and half again

place nail through all folds and into foam ring

The nails should be spaced about 1 inch apart.

Fill the wreath up, leaving a gap for the bow.

Nail/pin bow in place.
Then using two natural coloured burlap squares, as above, plump up the bow loops.

Plump up the bow loops.

Fill in the gaps with more red squares.
Nail in a small ribbon/loop at the back for hanging.

Merry Christmas

With Love
Liv xo


  1. This is great Olivia! I really love the hessian one in your last Post too :-) Mel x

    1. Thanks Mel, this is hessian too, just red!

  2. I love how much you love Christmas Olivia!
    I love it too, but am trying to push it aside till December (after the rain)!
    Beautiful tutorial ... keep them coming.

    1. I LOVEEEEE it Fiona!!!
      My mind tried to push it aside but my heart wouldn't let me! x

  3. Ok my crafty friend - cant you just sell them?!?!?!?! I really love this idea so will have a red hot go - will send you photos of the final result...

    To confirm what you were afraid to think, the following questions will show you just how crafty I am!!....what is burlap and where do I get it? Is that the same place I get the foam ring and nails????
    Love you lots, Ju

    1. Ju, I have been selling them, and making up kits for people to make it themselves.... and doing classes.
      Burlap is a fancy name for hessian! and it all came from Spotlight except the nails (Bunnings) x
      I'll call you this arvo x

    2. Would love a phone call - do I need that much direction!!!!


  4. I love this! I am an absolute Christmas nut. I have already started crafting for it too - I took my daughter to a Christmas craft night last week, so much fun! I am new to your blog and am enjoying reading through your previous posts. Happy crafting. Elaina xo

    1. Thank you for popping by Elaina, I love your blog too. I am yet to visit your beautiful country but it is next on my bucket list!
      What did you make at your craft night this week? I have hosted two workshops now and two to go this week. I'm feeling the effects of last nights now though, we finished at 11:45pm and i've been exhausted all day...i love a chat!
      Take care and have a wonderful Christmas with your family x

    2. Hello! We made Christmas Bunting and crackers - all paper craft. I'm learning to sew at the moment so am always on the look out for something to make with my retro sheet stash. Thinking a retro sheet wreath using your tutorial would be fun xo P.S. I'm dusting off my Christmas CD collection tomorrow!

  5. Hello my name is Brandy I love your wreaths I am so going to try that burlap one. I've done similar ones with fabric that is the same on both sides and cut in squares and pushed through a straw wreath with a skrewdriver. Anyway I would really like to know how u did the hens and chickens wreath? That one was awesome looking, loved it.Is there a way that they stay alive on the wreath? Please let me know how u did that!!!! Thanks and Blessings to you.

    1. HI Brandy, Thanks for stopping by.
      I had to google 'hens and chickens wreath', i had no idea what you were talking about. I've always called it a succulent wreath!
      It is VERY easy to make.
      I used an 'oasis ring' from our local craft shop, but I think some florists sell them too. I picked all the succulents from my garden, stripped all of the bottom leaves off to reveal a 1 inch stem and stuck them in. Then i soaked the entire thing in a bucket of water (with a teaspoon of Thrieve fertiliser) and it's now looking pretty on my dinner table with a candle in the middle.
      It is still alive, the bottom leaves went a bit yellow at first but it has come back. I have watered it twice in the past 5 weeks.
      Goodluck! Liv x

  6. Love these Liv, have sent the link to our teacher at our teeny tiny 10 teacher school to see if its something the kids might be able to do on smaller scale for their Christmas crafts!

    1. Sharon, they are easy peasy! Have a look at my most recent post, it has images of my kids making them. Dead easy, the hardest part is cutting up all the squares.
      Liv x (I got all of my materials from spotlight)

  7. Thank you so much!!! I live in the USA in Indiana so I am hoping I can get what your talking about. Blessings:)

  8. This looks great. You've inspired me to use some red cotton material I've got laying around. Thanks!

  9. I feel all sorts of Christmassy now, Olivia. I'm thinking that something like this would make a beautiful Christmas gift for our children's teachers... x

  10. Great idea - never thought to use nails.