Monday, 24 February 2014

Art and our weekend.

I  spent Friday and Saturday with my dear Dad painting the studio. 
Dad, like Paul here, didn't once ask me to stop singing, bless him, because I'm pretty terrible.
 Our gardener, my gorgeous hubby, did all the lawns and then took the kids out for the day so we could get the studio finished. When he got back he was shocked at my elegant state! He wasn't sure if I got more paint on the walls or in my hair (I'll wear a cap next time).
 It will hopefully be up and running by next week when none of my paintings will be at home to grace its walls. Instead they will all be at the Watch House, Balmain, for my exhibition . 

A few I'll be taking with me.

After saturday's home day, we ventured into the city after mass on Sunday morning.
Time to spread our wings.

After the Museum we walked every isle of Paddy's market until our feet couldn't walk any further.
And that my friends, is it!
I hope you had a busy and fulfilling weekend too.
With Love
Liv x


  1. Replies
    1. Yes Elaina,
      the two little flirting flamingoes live on! x

  2. I'm still insanely jealous of your studio AND so in love with your art, Olivia. x

    1. Thanks Bron, I hope to catch up on the weekend x

  3. Your mind is fantastic!! Those paintings just prove it...they have such a mixed media quality to them!!! I only wish I could see them up close! So beautiful friend!!! Cheers to great dads! Studio painted and the hubs holding it down for you!!! Fantastic!!! You have an outstanding week friend!! Nicole xoxo

    1. Thanks Nicole, 'outstanding' would be lovely, but i think it will be more like 'race to the finish line with dragging feet'! xxx

  4. wowzers so BEAUTIFUL ♥ love the flamingos
    hugs xo

    1. Thank you Lisa, I've had heaps of comments on those flamingoes but no one is game enough to fill their walls with their frivolity just yet!

  5. Lovely art work I love the pink painting of a group of women sitting in a line x

  6. Oh, you talented thing you! Number 2 & 7 are my favourites! Although I'd happily, happily hang any of those masterpieces at my place.
    The exhibition looked wonderful, well done.
    Children look marvelous & adorable as always xx