Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day

(This 6am photo cracks me up. She doesn't look too grateful here but believe me, a few chocolate hearts later and she brightened up. The bear has been named and given priority over everything else in a 6 year olds life)

I know it's one big excuse for commercialism to swallow a steroid tablet, but heck, I'm cool with it.
I LOVE being loved. 
As a kid I used to love watching girls and ladies board the train with flowers, I used to LOVE reading the valentines messages in Dad's telegraph with my sisters every Valentine's day, and I used to love getting a love letter from a boy, any boy, via my brothers school bag.
I'm not sure why I just wrote "used to" because I still love all of the above (except for the love letter via my brothers school bag!).
I know expressing one's love should be a constant in your life, that there shouldn't be a special day on which to tell the one you love, that you love them, but I still think it's nice.

This morning Lucy & I  woke to a beautiful breakfast with croissants, muesli, yoghurt, choccies, roses, a teddy bear for Lulu, and best of all, and big bright smile and an "I love you".

I feel blessed and loved, and the fact that hubby includes Lulu all the time makes it even more special.
(* The best way to make a mother happy, is to make her children happy. It's a no brainer.)
The most important person in a girl's life is her Dad. Dads play a critical role in building their daughter's confidence and self esteem. If a dad loves his daughter unconditionally, they won't go seeking attention elsewhere (well, that's what Paul hopes anyway…..he is devastated that she will one day grow up).

My big guys weren't so forthcoming with their love this morning. An embarrassed grumble: "happy valentines…(grumble grumble) mum", managed to slip out twice with a lend of their spiky bed hair for a token kiss, but that was enough. One day I'm sure they'll wrap their arms around me in a big tight squeeze (figures crossed), but apparently for now "my girls" are 'too squishy to cuddle' :(

The other little fella showed his love in other ways. Firstly he sidled up to the I love you chocolate sign and sang "inch wincy" as he edged his digits closer to the prize!

But yesterday his expression of love was quite something else!
After having finished some uni work at 2:30am, and then rising at 6:10am for the school run, I was totally and utterly exhausted by the time the biggies left the house. I lay down on the couch for what was meant to be a 5 minute breather, but my head was like concrete, I literally couldn't lift it off the cushion. In the 45 mins it took me regain consciousness, I was completely covered in all his birthday animals and the shells of an ENTIRE tupperware container of peanuts. Head to toe, no joke.
So how is the study going you ask? Badly, I answer.

I hope you all feel loved today,
Love Liv x


  1. Agree with Paul, a girl needs to be validated and affirmed by her dad. So lovely:)

  2. HA! So funny (the last part) and so romantic (the first part!). Enjoy your evening Liv! x

  3. Oh my how cute is that!!! Your little one covering you head to toe! Sounds like me.. My head was pounding and I had to lay down as the little beans were napping...the big beans kept trying to tickle me to wake me up! The life of a mama!!! Your family and your thoughts on love are awesome!!! I think that all is well on a day carved out for love! The studying will come...all the best to you friend!!! Nicole xo

    1. Thanks Nicole, I hope you've had a warm weekend in your garden x

  4. Olivia,
    Just tagged you:) Hope you can play, if too busy don't stress