Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Bear's Birthday

My baby is 3.
Animals are big on Bear's agenda at the moment, so his excitement was palpable when he woke to find a farm on the kitchen table!
(until I build the stable, the Christmas nativity stable will have to do)

It didn't quite sit right with me that he added his African animals to my cute little hobby farm, but hey, it's not my farm.

Then his Godparents followed up perfectly with a lego farm, and his Grandparents some Ninja Turtles, which quickly took on the role of "green farmer" & "orange farmer"

"I'm free"

The farm has made its way into every room of the house, the sink, the shower and... (find out at the end of this post).
But Bear's frustration that "da fences keep for-wing down" led me to take action last night whilst hubby was at a footy meeting. ALL. BY. MYSELF.

Clever huh!? I just had to put that in because this is the first time that I have used an electric drill and it has actually worked out. I'm a little chuffed.

…and right this moment, the entire farm and the red-nut farmer are having a wow of a time in my washing basket.

One of those presents that keeps on giving!

Happy Birthday my big boy,
Love you
Mum x


  1. A very happy birthday to your sweet boy!!! Look at that pure joy on his face! And could he love his farm anymore!?!?! AH...so much to treasure here friend! And you are brilliant...those fences always drive me crazy because they fall over all the time! You need to sell these!!! I would buy them!!!! A wonderful week to you friend!!! Nicole xoxo

    1. haha, It would be a very slowwww business Nicole, but they have proved their worth!

  2. To cute! What a good boy to pack his toys and himself up! I am VERY impressed with your handy work Olivia! Is there nothing you can't do! Have a wonderful and creative week!

  3. Happy birthday to your gorgeous boy. Love that Bear is into farm animals ... my Sal has a similar set of yards, much loved and used. And Lord, now you've had your first power tool experience there'll be no stopping you!

    1. haha….only out of necessity Fi. I've only ever mown the lawn once (actually 1/2 the lawn), and never again. I'm hoping the same for the drill !