Wednesday, 19 March 2014

22 babes and counting

(This post is in no way having a go at small families, it is just giving a shout out to "large families" , who, according to the Lotsofkids website, have 4 or more kids. I just scrape in.)

 With that now clear...there was definitely something in the water at my place today. These gorgeous treasures are sporting the cutest of bellies and between them they have 22 babes (+ my small 4). Together we could easily fill an entire classroom, fill a school bus, pack out a footy team and have enough subs for a full rotation. We probably even have enough kids and talents between us to fill a mini olympics team. But most importantly, we are ensuring the next generation will be filled with love and will have the best gift any parent can give, siblings.

Kids from big families may not have the latest and greatest of everything, but they have an enormous amount to be grateful for.

Love is learnt, it is given and it is received abundantly in big families. 
Kids from big families learn the difference between a need and a want very quickly, hopefully growing in the virtues of patience and honourable ambition, making them 'self-reliant self-starters'.
Through interactions with siblings they deeply understand gender differences, personalities, talents and interests, setting them up perfectly for marriage.
Egos are kept in check and laughter is always in the air.
They get constant intellectual stimulation.
Because they are genuinely needed at home, responsibilities ensure they learn to give of themselves, and serve others with love.
They learn to share, and "self" turns to "others". 
They learn patience.
They learn to fight the good fight, and boy do some do it better than others!
They show great emotional intelligence as they are encouraged (and sometimes teased) by their siblings,  boosting self esteem and resilience. 
Life is never boring. It's not always a party, it can be tough going, but it is never boring.

   …and no matter what path they decide to take, they will never be alone.

How blessed I am to have friends like these girls.

Go now,
go and make babies!
Liv x
(*I snigger. My hubby went bed an hour ago)


  1. love this post and laughing that your Hubby went to bed hehehehehe
    hugs xo

    1. haha…me too!.
      I hope you are having a great week Lisa x

  2. Just the conversation I was having with my hubs! I am from a family of 6 kids and would love to have one more bean for this exact reason. I am so close to every single one of my siblings and feel absolutely blessed to have them all in my life! Your post so hit home...I need to share this one with my hubs for sure! You are all blessed!! Nicole xoxo

    1. Me too Nicole, I am one of 5 and am very close to all of them, and as a result, I always wanted 5.
      I have 4 + one in Heaven now, so I'm counting my blessing.

  3. Well said!! I'm from a large family, so is my husband and we also have a large family. Lot of blessings to be had in many, many areas:) I've recently been thinking about the advantages, uniqueness of babies in each decade, cause I'm really enjoying my baby of my 40s. Doing the maths, so your friends have 11 each?

    1. Erin, I'm not in the pic (that's my sister on the right!).
      One on left is having her 5th, middle her 11th and my sister on the right her 6th. (then me taking the photo adds 4 more.) so 22 in the pic + my 4 xx
      Lots of blessings, you'd totally understand x

    2. Your sister! well I did think it you and I have been praying for your sis since you shared she was having no 6. How lovely, and very chuffed to hear of another mum of double digits!! Do all your children go to school together? I do indeed understand:)

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  5. yay for big families, everything you say is true:) :) I would just keep going if it weren't for the c/sections but I think having 6 will be perfect:) I can't believe the lovely lady in the middle is having her 11th...wish I looked that good just pregnant:) :)

    1. …and she only has 2 weeks to go, she looks incredible. You look fantastic too, what are you on about x

  6. Love big families! I was the eldest of 4. I tried to convince C to have a fourth, but he isn't interested, and he reminded me that I don't do pregnancy well (the last 3 months I'm basically bedridden). I will have to be content with my 3.

  7. Big families are fun!!! Yes to everything you say here. The more the merrier. Our good friends growing up had 5 and it was always so much fun hanging out with them, making our own fun, although I never envisaged having 5 myself!!! It's lovely you are surrounded by friends still having babies, most of mine have all finished. All the best to you sister and friends...Mel x

  8. 22 babies between them - and they look THAT fabulous. Wowwwww! x