Monday, 24 March 2014

When creativity goes berserk

I saw the above FUN on Pinterest last week and saved it for a rainy day, but Sunday morning saw Bear take a tumble and dislocate his elbow, so it came in handy sooner rather than later.
 Once his elbow was popped back into place he was a.o.k, but the Docs words "get him moving it straight away" rang in my ears and this little crafty thingo sprang to mind.

SO I asked the biggies to make it for him. You know…a little play station at Bear's height…..

At this point I didn't care that Bear couldn't reach the top, he was having fun watching them and he could pop the little balls in half way…..but then…..I got distracted…. and came back to find this:

Have you ever seen such an eyesore on someones kitchen door, on MY kitchen door?!?!
I don't know how to tell them it can't stay forever. How do I say that tactfully? 

IN other news…
Bear made "an ocean", then ate a choccie biccie, then….

got attacked by his brother.

Karma returned the love in the form of a head knock to the pool wall:

The bunnies got a new daytime run!

The studio got a new planter box.

…and the dog is now a ballerina.

Over and out 
Liv x


  1. Haha love it love it love it! Hijinks all round ;)

  2. The name of your blog sums it all up perfectly Liv!

  3. Holy cow friend! Your posts always put a smile on my face! After a long day here it is kind of comforting to know that other peoples homes look like mine!!! And the bumps oh the bumps!!!! We had a chipped tooth from falling...a bloody nose from a hockey stick...and a one year old making a run for it this week! TO say that I am tired is an understatement! Your planter box is beautiful! And your pup looks like a fantastic ballerina!! I do so love how imaginative your kiddos are! Wonderful week to you!! Such a good mama you are! Nicole xoxo