Sunday, 16 March 2014

Bushman's damper

We had a lovely day in the yard yesterday, mowing, always mowing (well not me), pruning the roses (like really pruning…short back n' sides kinda pruning), and watching the hens turn on the rotisserie. 
The kids made damper creations for the fire pit, but just as we were about to put them on the hot coals it bucketed down and we all ran for cover.

The hens were thrown in the oven to make room for the damper (as moving the fire pit wasn't an option and nor was not cooking the damper. So into the carport we (and the rotisserie) went. Not quite the "bushman's" experience we had imagined, but fun none the less. In fact Buzzy asked if we could do it weekly, and a quick "no" was followed with "maybe once a season". 

     Don't ask what they are, cos I'm not really sure myself ?!

We got carried away watching the water run down the street, and they burnt a wee bit.

The weather turned very cold, very quickly.

 Buz's creation on a stick worked out the best (well, second to hubby's loaf)

The hens had to wait, lashings of butter and honey were a must (I may or may not have instigated it?! the next photo will tell all)
Check out the pleasure on Lulu's face, you can almost hear the "Mmmmmmm"

At least I was civilised enough to get a tray. 

The master of damper.

…and then the stupidity began. It never takes long.

By the time we'd finished on the honey dough, we were up to pussy's bow. So we sat for a spot and then went back for round two: the golden hens.

So that was Saturday and today saw us at early Mass, where we caught up with some friends we haven't seen for a while. We talked about their 'cheese making' endeavours and all things home grown. If sustainable living floats your boat, head on over to Jo & Joe's at , they are incredibly industrious, generous with their knowledge and very funny….and Jo has cool cowgirl boots to boot!
After that, we shot over to our first rugby trial game of the season…in the rain. In the torrential rain. 
I even resorted to leaving my shoes in the car and going barefoot! 

And that my friends is it. 
Never let Sunday ruin a Monday as they say, I hope you had a great weekend.
Much Love 
Liv x


  1. You are awesome! And your family just rocks! I love the shot of the kids in the rain and them making their sweet funny buns! How absolutely adorable is that! And honey on anything is just the best especially bread! I do think that you all know how to fun and in love! And thank you for that link! I am always up for finding digging folks out there! Happy weekend to you friend! Nicole xoxo

    1. Thanks Nic, sometimes I have to remind the older one that "yes, we do have fun. We may not go to fancy theme parks every weekend, but we do have fun".
      This is the kind of "fun" that they remember and will share with their own kids one day x

  2. What a perfect Saturday Liv.
    Can't for the life of me think of what we call the dough wrapped around the stick, but it's a fire-side regular in these parts.
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. Yep, Paul grew up on it too. They had a ball. I hope the biggies were home and you guys had a nice weekend too x

  3. Sounds like the perfect family Sunday :) The rain certainly did bucket down, we had giant storms both days of the weekend. I really enjoyed them! That damper looks amazing, your family looks so so happy, you're obviously a great mum! xx

    1. Thanks Jackie. How is little Liv going? sleeping yet? x