Saturday, 7 December 2013

Elf on the shelf

As I've become quite the Pinterest addict lately, I just HAD to give 'Elf on the shelf' a go this year. However, I left my run a bit late and no local shop, in fact no shop in all of Sydney stocked this famous little elf, so I decided to make him myself.

So this Advent we invited Rudy into our home, via a letter from Santa in the letter box.
The idea behind 'Elf on the shelf' is that Santa is far too busy in the North Pole to keep check on naughty and nice behaviour all over the world, so he sends out some of his elves to help him.
The elves come alive at night and play around the house, but as soon as there is movement in the mornings they freeze into toys again.

Buz is in "the know"(but still excited to see my creativity), Jimmy is too but pretends otherwise just incase Santa doesn't come if he admits it, Lulu is totally and utterly captivated and Bear destroys most of the scenes within seconds which leads to Lucy crying and the magic momentarily disappearing until I come to the rescue!
But the kids bounce out of bed every morning with excitement, and the joy on their faces makes it all worth while....let the magic continue! 
19 more sleeps to go.

Much Love
Liv xo

(I wrote about the importance of imagination here and I just want to reinforce it again. Feeding your child's imagination with beautiful books, creative play and story telling is so fruitful, and it is something they will always be grateful for. 
Memories last a lifetime.) 


  1. I love this!!!! Rudy's twin brother is coming to our place next year....if I'm organised enough to remember in time! My favourite is the sack races with Woody and co. xT

  2. love it Liv, and the way the kids have reacted :D

    1. It's been heaps of fun Sharon. The big boys laugh out loud and then look at me with the "knowing" smile, Lucy gets all coy and excited, and Bear loves and destroys!

  3. Gorgeous. Love his flying fox, and that he was an interloper at the Nativity!

  4. I've just started doing this and it's SO MUCH FUN! My daughter wants him in her room, and asked him but not sure if that's allowed!

    1. My daughter was stoked when she realised the white rabbit ("judging" the sack race" was playing with Rudy, b/c that meant he had gone into her room to get him!)
      Her daily reactions are priceless x

  5. I agree with you so very, very much. I think that reading to your child is vital in them developing a great language, and a sense of imagination. Lovely post, and blog too!