Tuesday, 17 December 2013

'Advent Activity Calendar' continued

...and so our 'Activity Advent Calendar' continues.....
It's been HEAPS of fun but totally exhausting, and still 8 activities to come (time for a berrocca)

a bogan vist to the Bunnings Christmas party for free food, free activities, free craft and free carols (the smiles are slightly contrived and no Dad in sight,  not sure we'll revisit this one next year?!) 

Fun had by all at the cousins, and one Japanese Grandma with a mountain of craft activites. 

The Dusk Hunt: This activity was forgotten about until just on bedtime when #3 remembered! Of all activities to be left until the last moment....chocolate filled little people at 8:30pm

A visit to the water park with the other cousins!


The common response to "ok boys, all smile"
Stupidity. Always stupidity. 

Cookie making.

A fun Christmas Party with old and new friends

Much Love, until tomorrow
Liv xo


  1. Hello Luv! I'm just popping by from Elaina over at A little bit country, it looks as though you have been having lots of fun with your Advent activities! I will come back and read some more. Happy Christmas. xx

    1. Thanks for popping by Amy, and a very Merry Christmas to you too xx

  2. We are doing the activity thing too and I'm afraid I might not make it... x

    1. O Bron, I feel your pain. Some days I think I'm completely mad x