Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Advent Calendar

This year I decided to forgo the $3 chocolate Advent calendar and instead start a new family tradition of making our own 'activity/treat/RACK calendar' (still working on a fancy name).
So last week I wrapped and numbered 24 presents both big and small, and each morning in December my kids wake up and take it in turns at unwrapping that days present.

Here is what they have done so far:
Day 1:

A package with paper, pencils, stickers and candy canes...."today we will write letters to Santa"
(starring James goose features Denahy!)
At this point the big boys thought I had rocks in my head. They played along but I could tell they thought my childish game of Santa letters was a thing of the past!... but we are day 4 in now and they are loving it.

Santa returned a letter, and with it sent us 'Rudy' the elf. Rudy comes to life at night and plays around our house. The kids wake up to his mischief every morning. (I will post about this on Friday....loads of fun!)

Day 2:
Today we made Rocky Road.
But it all happened sooo quickly and was eaten with just as much enthusiasm that I didn't managed to snap a pic :(

Day 3:
The big boys had a ball with this one. We made a heap of RACKed gift cards with gold coins and candy canes and popped them all over our suburb. Random cars, a red post box, the butcher counter, a truckies name a few.
A day later we drove past a few of the spots to check if they had gone, and all of them had! The kids were so excited and proceeded to exchanged stories of how they thought the person would have reacted. It was such a joy to see how excited they were for these people.

Day 4:
(my rest day)
They scored themselves some choccie today.

And tomorrow we are off on an outing! (hubby is horrified. A bit bogan I guess, but they will have fun) Watch this space for pics!
And a big shout out to one of my gorgeous sisters today on her birthday!
Here she is taking a birthday call. Bear and I ( and Mary and a sheep) took her out for morning tea:

(he had a lovely time playing in the dirt at the cafe with "mummy Jesus and wittle sheep")

The crib has clearly been a winner with Bear.

Much Love
Liv xo

ps I picked up a Chritsmas gift today that I may well regret?!?!? 
Have you ever done that and thought 'why the hell did I just buy that?'


  1. What lovely ideas:) Lots of fun:)

    1. Thanks Erin. Truth be told this little elf bit off more than she can chew in December....but I'm having lots of fun too x
      (any movement at your station?)

  2. Okay, so you win the best mummy of the year award!
    Not letting my lot know that this stuff actually goes on.
    I love your little fellow's gorgeous shock of red hair.

    1. It's pretty outrageous isn't it! The Aussie/Irish/Japanese mixture is turning up in all forms at our house!
      I get comments on his hair everywhere I go x

  3. Lovely ideas. We are doing something similar. On my rest days we just have "watch Christmas DVD" or "Read Christmas book" (which my husband will read in place of the usual bedtime stories). This time of year can get a little intense, but it is so, so lovely with kids!

    1. Thanks for popping by Julie. Yes, I also have a DVD and book present coming up in the next few days! x

  4. We are loving our Advent calendar activities too... loved seeing photos of your cuties and their Christmas fun xx

    1. What have you been up to??? I'll have to pop over and see. It's been such a busy two weeks i've barely read anything....but tonight i'm a free agent! yeah x