Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Elf on the shelf: part 2

Rudy continues to watch for naughty and nice behaviour, and dutifully reports back to Santa, but more to point, he continues to bring magic and wonderment to my children.

(All 4 + a cousin had red noses when they woke up. The big boys and the cousin swiped theirs before I got a chance to snap a photo)

And then today (one week after school finished for the year), this sweet little package arrived in the post and added to the magic of Christmas.

Teachers can make a lasting impact in children's lives and Lucy's did just this. Her teaching experience was exceptional but it was the little things that made the difference: her warmth, sense of fun, attention to individual needs ...
I feel truly blessed for the year Lulu has had.

Anyway, the sun is down and that only means one thing in this house...Rudy will come alive at any tick of the clock, so I have to get the little people in bed.

Actually just one last thing, this Sunday in Mass there appeared a 4th King....but this new one wasn't so wise.

Much Love
Liv x


  1. Your little elf is actually a cute one... those other ones have creepy little faces :) Love the red noses. What a lovely idea of that teacher to send letters home... very thoughtful! x

    1. He was easy to make Amanda. I got him from Bunnings (about $4) , sewed a little outfit and painted on a evening and Rudy came alive!

  2. Go elf, what a cutie. Although I wonder when he sleeps with all that mischief he gets up too :)

  3. I tell you Michelle....not much, not much sleep at all, this little elf is buggered x