Saturday, 11 January 2014

2 birthdays

Day 11 and we have already celebrated 2 birthdays with another 3 this month and 2 next month!
Pop (my Dad) celebrated his 64th birthday by getting a few cancers cut off in the morning and then nailing on the studio roof in the arvo……just how I'd like it too! not.

(Looks a bit uncomforatble, doesn't it! 
Not the loveliest of pics of the birthday boy, bot and all, but a typical shot of Dad, working hard on another project.)

So guess where he is off to for his birthday? …to see Johnny and Lionel in concert. He is a big fan of both.
A little bit alike, don't you think? 

So we took him off for a "china" to finish off the day. I reckon Dad would be Chinese if he had the choice. We grew up on a diet of good old Aussie beef, salad and a side of chinese (most Saturday nights) . The restaurant was recommended, and the food was generous and very tasty- but that's where it ended.
The restaurant was very home spun: the maitre'd was the 4 year old daughter of the waitress (possibly owner's daughter/thus granddaughter). She also took on the role of entertainer, patron friend and all round mrs nice guy: she sang, danced, clapped, stuck pictures on the wall etc. Then there was the 3 year old son of the waitress who showed his skill in climbing under tables, flying matchbox cars within centimetres of every patrons head, and perhaps his most honed skill was bursting through the kitchen plastic flaps at such speed that you were forced to duck for fear of g-force. Next in line was the 6 month old son of the waitress, who had a bigger lung capacity than Pavarotti.
On top of that, the hired help was a tall geeky blond boy who refused to make eye contact, and took every single one of our dishes to the wrong table.
….and the gong of the night went to the view. To start with, my hubby had to actually open the blinds (no joke) because it was so dark, we felt like we were underground, and then our table faced the tiny kitchen and the …..drumroll……… toilet! The second door in the pic goes straight through to the  "can" and this was on show most of the evening, not to mention the aroma, it certainly wasn't "misty mountain"!
Just had to take a pic, it was comical.

Anyhow, we all survived the night without so much as a bout of dysentery.
Today we woke up and celebrated Jimmy's birthday, a day early, but hey.
A handful of friends, a lot of swimming, a lot of sugar,  apple-bob, water-bombing and laughter 


Happy "double figures" Jim Jim
Love you to the moon and back
Mum x


  1. Love the cake, is that your creation? Wish I could borrow your Dad to knock up some projects in our backyard haha, you're so lucky! x

    1. Thanks Jackie, yes a very easy, do-it-yourself mint ice-cream cake. Always a winner.
      Dad and Mum live with us and they are both very creative! x

  2. I love the look of that studio. Gorgeous.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a kind comment on my blog. It's lovely to 'meet' you :-)

  3. Your Chinese restaurant experience sounds delightful! Just the type of place I'd pick for us to go, then have husband mumbling in my ear all night.
    Happy Birthday to all of those celebrating at your place.
    Gee I bet you're excited about that studio.

    1. Fi, it was comical! and yes, i'm super excited about the rustic old studio- i'll share some more pics this week. So thrilled to see the green in your pictures x

    2. My Dad's also a builder Liv, and would be mortified at the thought of using rusty corrugated iron as a material of choice! Not at all into the rustic look.

  4. I'll stop lurking and comment. I first came over because I so liked your blog name, and then I keep coming back because I really like your writing voice (SO Australian) and your kids are beautiful! I'll second the admiration of your ice cream cake!

    1. So Australian…o dear, is that a good thing or a bad thing?? Refined Aussie I hope haha!
      Lovely to meet you Kate, and thanks for popping in x

  5. Oh a very happy birthday to your pop! My pop is 64 too! I was cracking up over your restaurant shot!! A very happy birthday to your son!! Looks like they all had the time of their lives!!! And that cake rocks lady!!! All the best! Nic xoxo