Sunday, 26 January 2014

Blackberry Pie on Australia day

Not once since I started blogging have I shared a recipe with you. It's not really my thing. Craft and painting on the other hand….
Infact I think I told you in one of my earliest posts that I'm not a confident cook, my mum and sister got that gene, but I do love to bake. I seem to be comfortable with sugar….funny that!
But today, on Australia Day, the lamb and ribs were marinating and the salad was good to go, but there was not a pav or lamington in sight. So we decided to ride our bikes to the local blackberry bush in search of some filing for our Australia Day sweet pie.
Lots of "ouch" and "oowee" from the thorns and ten stained hands later, we headed back with a bounty of sweet, juicy blackberries.

( a double exposed shot?? a bit freaky)

Someone (??) wouldn't hand over the crop when it was time to make the pie.
I later found said person with my strainer…

So anyway, onto the first recipe on my blog:

Sweet Blackberry Pie, Liv Style.
Shortcrust pasrty:
1 3/4 cups plain flour
125g chilled butter, chopped
1 egg yolk (I added the white too!)
2 tsps iced water

4 cups of fresh black berries
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup plain flour
2 tbls milk
(* we only used about 3 cups of berries, because we had to save some for breakfast tomorrow apparently. You can see in the photo that it really does need that last cup.)

Preheat oven to 220C
Blend flour and butter until bread crumb consistency.
Add egg and water.
Knead with flour, cover in glad wrap and set in fridge whilst you make filing.

Combine flour, sugar, berries and milk. Fold gently until the flour is combined evenly.

NOW, roll out pastry and cover the base of the pie dish. Trim edges.
You get the rest, right?….

Ok. So they said it was "amazing". No biggy.

We ate our little treat whilst watching the sun going down on these beautiful Aussie gums in our backyard. 

Happy Australia Day
Much Love
Liv xo


  1. Happy Australia Day:) I remember blackberry picking:) we sang the national anthem at the end of Mass today, that was a first and very nice:)

    1. How lovely. I'm a very proud Aussie and love singing the anthem too. We didn't get to sing it at Mass but we had a wonderful new priest start in our parish this week x

  2. We had a very enjoyable BBQ at a friend down the street's home - lovely and relaxed. That pie looks pretty good to me! Now to keep those hands away from anything white!

    1. Too late! Riding home with Bear in the dickie seat ensured my top now had purple smears!

  3. Yes it is a big deal! Not everyone can make pie friend and this just looks delicious!!! How cute is your little guy with a strainer on his head! And I just love that it was a family affair gathering the blackberries! YUMMY! Thanks for sharing this one and a lovely weekend to you with your celebrations!! Looks so beautiful where you are....going to be negative 20 degrees here with more snow this week! AHHH! All the best...Nicole xoxo

    1. Oh my goodness Nicole, I'm shivering thinking about it, but jealous at the same time. I'd love to live in the snow (for a spot!)

  4. Bravo! Looks DELICIOUS Liv! I would cheat and put a pastry tart so you've definitely got one up on me! X

    1. The pastry is pretty easy Jackie and it literally "chilled in the fridge" for 2 mins (if that!)
      I passed by your way today on our way to Wentworth Falls, the regrowth on those gums is such a positive sign that the fire can't kill our spirit!