Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014

To make a res or not to make a res, that is the question??
Well I made one.
I've been thinking about it for a few weeks (mostly because flowy frocks and stretchy pants have become my new best friend), and I finally convinced myself on December 31st that NO sugar for January, and only on Fridays from then on was to be my new years res.
Well, the fireworks could be heard in the distance, the neighbours dog was barking, the champers was flowing and my brother-in-law handed around the (frozen) Christmas choccies……..I went straight for one two. My new years res was broken before 12:01am and I didn't even realise until I was onto my 4th.
So forget it. I'm a no NYRes kinda gal, from now until I die, because seriously, I don't think I've ever stuck to one. I've tried, yes, but it's just never worked out.
So don't ever ask me again ok, because its a no from me.

Onto other news, well not news, just (in retrospect) a very embarrassing moment really.
I raced up to Woolies tonight at 5:55pm, as I realised I didn't have the spring roll pastry for the spring rolls. So off I dashed only to find no spring roll pastry within coo-ee of the place, only a million marked down bags of hot cross buns. I had daggers. Not because Woolies had totally killed the Christmas spirit on Jan 3rd in favour of commercialism, but because I love hot cross buns so much and I know it will not be long before I cave in and buy the damn things. Anyway, for the time being, I held off and raced next door to my other not so favourite place, ALDI. Don't know what I was thinking really. In my head I thought 'well maybe spring roll pastry is this weeks special' (generally items that the whole world can't resist and line up for at 8am on a Saturday morning), but knowing perfectly well that no ALDI special is ever frozen I went in anyway. I got stuck at the reduced Christmas goodies, before recollecting my thoughts and realising there was definitely no spring roll pastry on sale, so I grabbed a few packets of wet ones and the largest packet of toilet paper (because these items seem to vaporise in my house) and I threw them at the male cashier along with my card, all the while thinking of the starving kids back home waiting for the spring rolls and how I was going to dish up the mince without the roll!? (I probably had a worried look across the brows)...
A…n…y….w…a….y…….it wasn't until I was driving home and began considering the odd look I got from said cashier that I realised he thought I had diarrhea and that the wet ones were my soothing tool.
"How embarrassment!"

Anyway, that was a long pointless story and 5 minutes of your life you will never get back (sorry), so adieu until tmrw, my mint ice-cream is melting…..that res is a distant memory….what res?

Liv x


  1. Oh no! Oh well, at least you were out of the shop before you realised what he thought. There were hot cross buns in my Woolies as well, and yes, I bought a pack. Love hot cross buns. And they are the perfect school holiday morning or afternoon snack instead of chips or lollies. So at least you held out longer than me!

  2. HA! I enjoyed every second of it lady! You put a huge smile on my face with this one! And to think that the cashier was thinking something completely different is a story line for a sitcom! Too funny! And as for resolutions I don't do them either. I try to learn new things for the year but giving up things never works for me as I was born with chocolate in my hands!!! A very lovely day to you friend!!! And a wonderful weekend too! Nic xoxo

  3. some people have that special knack of laughing at themselves :) and doing plenty to cause said laughing. I am still snickering when I think about the tale of no pockets and where to put your iphone :D

    1. haha…yes, that was laughable. The rectangular poo!