Friday, 3 January 2014

A wedding and an ambulance ride

Happy New Year to you all!!! I will get back to that in my next post, but first I have to back track and finish telling you about late December!
A few people have asked how RuDy (the elf) not RuBy (the bunny) finished up on Christmas Eve….just like this:
Rudy waved them all goodbye as they slept soundly waiting for the big guy. Then he sent them this picture attached to a 'good-bye see you next year email'.
Next on the calender was my cousin Nick's wedding to his beautiful bride, and newest member of our family, Serena on the 28th! But not before sending Mum, with Dad and my sister Anna off in an ambulance (all AOK, thanks for asking….but it was drama central for a spot…we can laugh now! I reckon if it had gone the other way her death cert may have read 'strangulation by rosary beads' rather than 'dengue fever attack')…but thanks be to God, she is as good as gold. Mum, you gave us a big scare, we love you so much.

Back to the wedding:
Nick and Serena landed the most spectacular day to celebrate their nuptials at Shore Chapel and then ferried us all across to Woolwich for the reception.
It was such an honour to witness their commitment to each other and the love in their eyes, and equally as lovely to see all of the cousins who came from near and far. As we have all grown up and gone in different directions, it was clear, nothing changes the bond of family.

Me and my groom

 My brother and Ezzy

 Ezzy and I (yep, I'm short)

 My two brother's and the groom

 Janie (Groom's mum, my aunty & God-mother) and I.
She is also short!

(the other Buz) Buz needed to rest her feet whilst waiting for the ferry, so she decided a city bus was the best option for a few minutes (I told her if she didn't get off she'd make my blog).

Drumroll…the cousin table

It's not often I'm in front of the camera, but clearly Paul thought I'd best concentrate on holding the champagne glass! 

To Nick & Serena, 
May your marriage be blessed with everlasting love,
hilarious laughter and beautiful memories.
And babies!

* I'm feeling guilty I am missing a shot of Katie and Sam, and Uncle Andy, you finally made my blog, despite being the size of an ant in the distant shot in front of the bridge, but it was hard to catch you as you were always running around snapping your own photos….but know you are all loved too.
Always Love

Much Love
Liv xoxoxox


  1. wow you scrub up allright, love your dress, you looked great! lovely wedding too by the looks. And because I'm being too lazy to scroll down, your Christmas looked lovely too. Table looked very festive!

    1. Thanks Pet! It was a lovely wedding, I had heaps of fun. I think I needed to relax after mum's big drama, but probably one champagne would have been enough!

  2. Ditto to everything Sharon said. I love your dress and all your photos. Looks like much love shared in your family. Sorry to hear about your Mum, but pleased to hear all is okay now. Happy New Year to your lovely family Liv.

    1. Thank Fi, and to yours too. I hope todays humidity in the top end drops some rain for you x

  3. What a lovely wedding - you look stunning Olivia...seeing all that Harbour makes me home sick!

    1. It really is the prettiest city in the world!

  4. Your kiddos are just the cutest!!! I just love how you sent them these shots! Priceless! And Oh my goodness is that the most beautiful wedding! They are a smashing couple! And you all look so happy!!! But most importantly I am so glad that your mom is ok!!! You have a wonderful weekend friend!!! Nicole xo

    1. Thanks Nicole, have you ever been to Sydney? You must one day! Where do you live?