Monday, 27 January 2014

Waterfalls & Falls

Hooray for public holidays!
Today we jumped in the car and just headed west. You know those days when you just have to get out but you don't have any real plans?
Well, we ended up at Wentworth Falls via the blackened valleys of Winmalee and Springwood.
It was so uplifting to see the regrowth on the gums in these areas devastated by fires in October last year. There was excessive banter in the back as to why the trunks had leaves and not just the branches, but I won't bore you.
Jackie Bennett, you were on my mind.

Anyway we finally reached Wentworth Falls after about 2 hours in the car, and before we could say "everyone put sunscreen on" they were gone.

Knowing there were waterfalls and cliffs just down there, I became the resident bird woman. I screamed for them to wait, but it just fell on deaf ears. Again. 

Thankfully we all made it down safely, just in time for a tourist to snap us a cheesy pic.


It was freezing, look at poor Bear. He was frozen still.
 Needless to say my shoes got sodden rescuing him. 

Moments after Buzzy played He-Man, we saw a young guy, mid 20s, slip right here and the thud was LOUD.
I thought he'd broken EVERYTHING.
He managed to stand and hobbled off with deep cuts, our frozen popper, broken everything(?) and a damaged ego.
Poor bloke, I don't know how he managed the 1000 steps skyward!

 So after the drama of the slipping bloke with the ego, we chilled for a while by the waterfall, eating cheese and biccies and catching tadpoles and baby crays.
 But two hours of listening to running water and my post-4-babies-bladder was in desperate need of the ladies, so we dashed to civilisation with some extras friends in tow (who now incidentally, grace my bathroom vanity. What a delight when I was brushing my teeth tonight. )

Happy Monday
Liv x


  1. Liv, you should of called in! Glad you came up to the Mountains, tourist rates have dropped a lot since the fires with local businesses struggling :( Did you come up Yarramundi windys? Those fires were in early September, the October fires that took the 200 houses down here is only visible if you make a detour which most local folk don't like to see lol but lots of people are doing it anyway... curiosity is a natural thing, can't blame them! Your photographs are beautiful, the mountains are so magical aren't they. That poor bloke...! How embarrassing lol, hope he is okay, I bet he is a little sore today ;)

    1. Yes we came up through Yarramundi. I didn't know there were fires in September as well. Gee whizz, you guys have had it tough. No we didn't make the detour to the devasted homes, just the main drag through Winmalle & Springwood.

      I hope you have a lovely weekend x

  2. Ha! Nothing like some new friends to smile at on the vanity! What a lovely excursion with the family! Those shots are gorgeous! My kind of outing!!! And your kiddos look like they are in heaven!!! Hope the young guy is ok...I have done the same thing when we were climbing...not as bad..but I do recall trying to hike back down was a wee bit challenging as my ankle was a plump grapefruit! You have an outstanding week friend! Nicole xoxo

    1. Thanks Nicole and you too. Rug up and enjoy some mulled wine for me x

  3. What a great memory day:) We finally made it to the beach for our memory day:) That poor bloke, would have a sore tailbone!

    1. How idd Bella enjoy her first trip to the beach?

  4. Epicormic growth is what that growth on charred trees is. My geeky husband explained this to me over 22 years ago - the things we bank into the memory!