Wednesday, 23 October 2013

All shapes and sizes

On Sunday as Hubby and I stood by the shore watching the kids paddle, surf and throw sand, it became starkly obvious just how comfortable some people are in their own skin (I for one, am not. I'd go so far as to say that my body actually scares me).
There were pears surfing, rectangles jumping the waves, inverted triangles jogging, and even steroid injected apples in bikinis - like I mean junkie apples....dare I say cottage cheese wrapped in string kinda apples. But hey, if they were cool with it, so was I.
I held my tongue, because who am I to judge, and then hubby said, "when we walked down here do you reckon everyone on the beach said 'wow, here come Mr & Mrs Universe.....(short pause)......or here come Mr & Mrs Natural?'"
BOMB SHELL.... he was reading my mind and he nailed it. Not natural in the French-hairy-armpit-natural but natural in the....perhaps....12-year-of-marital-bliss-natural. Know the one? My hips sort of do the talking these days. We're no oil paintings, in fact I'd be lucky to consider myself a Preschool artwork these days, but boy o boy has beach etiquette fallen in the past few years.
Onesies are like dinosaurs and tatts are like lifelines, it really opened my semi-rural eyes. One bloke, (with a very nice frame), had  THE BIGGEST windmill stamped on his pec. why?  Does he really think that Mrs Nice-Frame will fall in love with turbine blades rotated by the wind speed?
Then there was an inverted triangle with a cartoon looking turtle wrapped around her middle and her Mr Turtle had an equally impressive rose growing right up under his armpit.

I shouldn't gossip, because I bet I have someone else's blog post dedicated all to my own funny looking frame, but I am still in shock at what Aussies think is flattering and necessary!

I'm off now, going to find a 'burqini'  for summer,
Liv xo


  1. What I always try to remember is that when I'm walking on the beach, no one is saying 'here comes Ms Universe' or even 'Ms Natural' or even 'Ms Fattyboombala'... no one is actually saying anything because they are all too worried about what I'm saying about them. That's my theory and I'm sticking with it!! x

  2. I like your theory Bron, i'll stick with it too x

  3. I'm definitely hide a little on the beach but I love the people that at out and proud regardless of their shape. Rachel xx

    1. Me too Rachel, I'd kill for a little more confidence but I suppose I should find some will power in the pantry first!

  4. I think any body shape is fine ... when they carry their shape with confidence. Easier said than done of course :0)

  5. We wouldn't encourage children to judge others on appearances . As adults we must lead by example. Having confidence in yourself will teach your children more than telling them to have confidence and not judge while you cover up and say I'm too fat,skinny, old young whatever. Admire the way the waves crash to the shore or the soft feel of sand between your toes instead :))