Sunday, 20 October 2013

It came back.

Did you read yesterday's post? It came back, THE SNAKE came back. This morning hubby was outside surveying the area where I allegedly saw "probably just a lizard", and there it was again.  Me 1/ Hubby 0 , but this time it didn't live to become my friend, Hubby 1 / Snake 0.
(*sorry to any snake loving bloggers, but I have 4 sweet children who I'd rather didn't befriend reptiles).

Nerves have settled marginally, although one small snake generally means a larger mummy one lurking close by....eeek. You'll know me at the local shops, I'll be the one in a skirt and Blundstone boots ALL summer. Who said red ballet flats, what are they?

So anyway, we managed to race to Church after the assassination (doesn't seem quite right when I say it like that, does it?), but I prayed for the snake, just kidding, no way in hell. It didn't get so much as a 'sorry but I thought....". Nada.

Off the topic once after yesterdays gardening bonanza we promised the kids a day out today, so off to the beach we went.
Another glorious day.

And then back home in time to do a mountain of ironing (worst job in the world, bar none) and watch the most incredible sunset ever- pics don't do it justice. It was BRIGHT red.

It's going to be a big day in NSW again tomorrow, especially in the Blue Mountains. Predicted weather conditions are pretty nasty. Prayers.
Liv xo


  1. I just followed the link you left in Maxabella's comments and found your blog. I love your paintings Olivia! I don't love this snake story though you poor thing. At least it's out of the way now. Hope you're all safe with the fires, they're awful, take care xx

    1. Thanks Kell, I just popped over to "meet" you and it looks like you can see the fires too. Hope you aren't in the winds path.
      And I hope hubby has come around to loving your fab green treasure x

  2. Worst thing ever to be right about. Seeing a snake that is. Why do men always presume we just saw a lizard. NO! It was a SNAKE!! Glad your one is gone and hopefully Mummy Snake is not hanging around either.

    1. I feel sick every time I step out the back door now! Just waiting for the mum to get cranky with me!