Saturday, 19 October 2013

Random madness

My nerves are on edge a little at the mo.
This Thursday saw Sydney and the Blue Mountains turn into the Apocalypse: incredible winds, an eerie orange sky, choppers, sirens and thick choking smoke everywhere.
Phone calls to and from my sister and friends in the Mountains and constant checking out my own window all afternoon and into the night put my nerves on high alert. We are on 5 acres, most of which is bush running down into a valley. It is tinder dry and so the 'Fire Near Me' App has become my new best friend, and will probably be my bosom buddy all of summer. My cousin and his family escaped the fire in Winmalee, and miraculously his house survived too, but neighbours on both side were not so fortunate. So many tragic stories are coming to light but equally as many stories of generosity and community spirit, just like we experienced when living in Brisbane during the 2011 floods, the community spirit was sooo heart warming.

Then Friday saw this SAHM don a professional frock and head to a hospitality college over at NSW Uni to give a talk on decorating. I was so nervous in the days leading up to it, but surprising calm on the day itself. I think I was more concerned leaving my sick mum and my 2 y.o. at home close to the bush!

.....and then today I thought I do some gardening to calm the nerves and I bumped into a friendly snake.  
You know the drill : 'don't run, stay still and calm', well, I'm proud to say I didn't run but I didn't really stay calm.
When Paul finally arrived and the snake was no where to be seen I said, "It was just there, I was so close I could have whacked it with the spade", he responded, "well why didn't you?"
"Um....well.....because....I have my red ballet flats on and I was afraid it would jump at me."
"Jump at you! Darl, You're holding a spade, you should have just broken it's back at that distance"
*hang on a minute, let me just buy the Testosterone App and I'll be right back.

So now I'm wondering.....This arvo, I have developed the sorest muscles, and I'm not sure if it's the gardening (it wasn't that back braking) or the fact that my body has been so tense these past few days they my muscles have finally decided to pack it in?!?! Is that even possible?

So I'm going to hit the horizontal early tonight, and tomorrow we'll be preparing this house for another atrocious day of heat and wind on Monday. 
Liv x


  1. The fires are heartbreaking, praying you and yours continue to stay safe. The snake encounter in your ballet flats made me smile though! Looking forward to catching up on your blog as I feed baby maeve tonight x

    1. Thank you for your prayers, It's going to be a big day in the Mountains tomorrow.
      What is your name? I only know you as Lola and Maeve's mum Mama???
      As for the came back !

  2. Have been thinking of you darling - sorry to hear of the loss and heart break throughout NSW. The floods were one thing to go through and were hard enough, but to see that blazing red fire is another altogether. Many prayers to send their way. Take care. XX

    1. Thanks Ju, you more than anyone know the pain of this kind of loss. Tomorrow is going to be worse than last Thursday. Can't imagine. Those poor people.
      Time for a chinwag??? x

  3. I would have been about as confident "breaking its back" as a mouse would have been. TOO SCARY!