Friday, 25 October 2013

Feeling blue? Go green.

I was reading Vanessa's blog Slow Heart Sing today and her post 'Garden refuge' resonated with me. One of her followers made the comment:"feeling blue? go green", and I have to agree.
Lately I feel very much like Vanessa, I'm struggling to get enthusiastic about listening to the kinder reader. every.single.night; I'm struggling to accept the invitation to play a board game or even engage in 2, 6, 9 & 11 year old banter; the fact that I hate thinking about what to cook for dinner makes me feel like a bad wife and mum, and the list goes on.  I'm not sure if it's this on again off again heat wave/cold snap weather that is draining me or the fact that my end of year lull has happened early, but I sure as hell need a pick-me-up every day at 3:30pm (usually a strong coffee or Berrocca).
But I have to say, "going green" has helped. The garden has been my refuge too. I've always loved the outdoors but the 5 years we spent in Brisbane I struggled to grow much more than a succulent or two, the kids were small and demanding and the climate was less conducive to the types of plants I like, so I am thrilled to be able to grow and enjoy a pretty garden, just like my Grandma use to have. I have also enjoyed the fruits of a herb and veggie patch these past two years, despite my mistakes and inexperience (ahem...propagating at the wrong time, drowning plants, letting herbs go to seed etc), but the fresh air, watering in the afternoon light, and having the kids run around barefoot on the grass around me has made me a little more pleasant (I think/hope??)
The trick is to get all of the chores out of the way before pickup so we can spend the afternoon enjoying the outdoors (even homework and dinner can be done on the back deck).
What do you do to snap out of a lull? 

Liv xo


  1. Going for a run or a walk usually helps me. Or being in the garden. Glad you have a place to retreat to xx

    1. I know it's a big fat excuse Zanni, but there are too many snakes around here in summer. (excuse excuse)

  2. "Go outside" is definitely my motto too, Olivia. Although sometimes it helps to stay inside and just send the kids outside... x