Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Brand names

You know you've made it when someone is named after you, even if it is their second name. You feel important, loved and respected, and it comes with a sense of responsibility to that child and his/her family.
I used to think it would be the same if a product, brand or company was named after you, even coincidentally, but my thoughts have changed dramatically this week.
Walking around the shops the other day it struck me how many brands have peoples names in them, for instance:
Laura Ashley
Michael Hill Jewellers
Lorna Jane
Jimmy Choo 
Paul's Milk
Ignatius Press
Gloria Jeans
Ralph Lauren
Hugo Boss 
Tiffany & Co
Eggs Benedict
Granny Smith apples
Earl Grey Tea
John Dory
Bloody Mary 
Ben & Jerry's
Calvin Klein 
..........the list is endless....but they bloody well should have ended it years look what they thought was a good idea:

Thanks ALDI, another reason why I don't feel so mighty shopping there, just like I didn't here.
And I don't think many Mary's would be happy either.

Liv (not Olivia) xo


  1. It is ok Liv - at 12 years of age my friends were all passing around a brochure out of Dolly mag that had as the title 'Do you have your period? Julia has'....clearly never got over it!!

    1. haha...and now you have a plethora of Julia (Gillard) jokes at your disposal too x