Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Operation Red-Nut.

After two failed barber attempts and 4 months of bribing and cajoling, Bear finally agreed to let me cut his hair. It is very home spun, in fact he looks a little like a warn out toothbrush, but he is a kid after all, not a celebrity, not even a teen. There is so much pressure these days to send our tiny tots to salons and salon parties, but reality is, they don't care, they just want the lollipop.
So I've put together a DIY list:

1. Sit them in their highchair, strap them in if possible. (I failed #1 and it was like wrangling a lion- I know for next time).
2. Place the chair on a hard surface so you can sweep up the pile at the end.
3. Put on a DVD.
4. If #3 doesn't work have a lollipop handy.
5. Make sure you have all the supplies you need before you start (e.g. scissors, water spray bottle - I had a bucket of water and I threw cupped hand fulls of water at him, negligent?....maybe, towel/teatowel, and a 2nd lollipop)
6. Don't be afraid to make mistakes.
7. The internet has plenty of DIY videos on cutting kids hair. (I went in blind, hence the worn toothbrush look, but its done right!)
8. If all else fails and he still won't let you cut it, your son will look like a girl until he is 10, when hair becomes a big deal.

9. At school pickup time, ignore all comments from the older children like: "O my goodness, it's shocking, which hairdresser did you go to?"
Perhaps just say "the one close to home" but never ever fess up. 

Look at that smile, I had just held up the mirror. Very dapper I think.

Have a lovely day
Liv x


  1. You did a FANTASTIC job of his hair!

    My family won't let me anywhere near their heads with scissors or clippers ... something to do with accidentally chunking out a bit of my son's hair when I was giving him a hair cut several years ago. I will never live it down!

    1. Janet, I did exactly the same thing with my 9 y.o. when he was 4. He has never let me do it again. I got a bit chocky and bought a hair clipper set but unbeknownst to me, I was meant to trim it with scissors first before using the clippers. It was sooo long it all got tangled and i had to cut it out of the clippers.
      So I only use scissors now....hence the hacked look!
      We live and learn! xx

  2. I am yet to take Miss J to the hairdresser. I am loving watching her curly locks grow but that fringe!!! Arrrghhh I hate it being in her eyes. So on the weekend I asked a girlfriend if she'd give it a trim for me, trusting her eye a lot more than my own. Despite the fact she's not a hairdresser, for some reason I felt sure she'd know what she was doing. WRONG!!! Arrghhh I should have told her to stop after the first snip as it was fine like that but then she's like oh I'll just take a bit more off. I could have cried when she was done. Hubby reckons I could have done a better job after a few G&Ts!! HA! Oh well you live and learn, and the best bit ... hair grows back. In the mean time it kinda looks like she got the scissors and trimmed it herself :) PS - I think you did a stellar job with your little man - very very very cute!!

    1. Oh dear! Are you still friends? hahaha

      I remember telling mum I was going to get my eyebrows waxed when I was about 18. She said "I can do it"....
      Off she went.
      From a mono-brow I ended up with a tri-brow! Not too sure what the hell happened, but she ended up waxing right through the middle and I had a massive clearing! Never again