Monday, 5 August 2013

Weekend Rewind: carrots, footy and the love-god.

What do you do to occupy yourselves on a long car trip? I'm not talking about the kids, I mean the adults.
Yesterday we drove 2 hours to the Southern Highlands for the boys footy game, I was belting out some tunes until hubby decided enough was enough and put on one of his own albums. As I lamented the situation I commented how all I listened to in my teens was 106.5, particularly and embarrassingly 'Richard Mercer, the love god'. Without so much as a thought, Paul quipped (in a husky voice) , "this goes out to you Sky, where ever you are, from your snuggle pot. Mariah Carey's Hero".........well, I almost wet myself. He had nailed it. So for the rest of the trip we talked like the love god. Pathetic but hilarious.
We reached Mittagong (9C), then Bowral (7C), then our destination Mossvale (5C). It was insanely bitter and windy, and I only had a puffer vest on. Lucy borrowed Pop's jacket and after our win (!!!) we raced back to Bowral for a jumper-shopping-spree and some lunch.
My parent's bought their first house in Bowral before making the journey north to Sydney, so Bowral holds a special place in my heart. It is such a beautiful spot, I could easily see myself living there in the future, albeit with a suitable winter wardrobe and an open fire, and Mittagong is equally as majestic with all it's thrift shops. Unfortunately by the time we got to town my fingers were frozen solid and I didn't get the camera out to capture the quaint homes, tree lined properties, stone walls etc etc.....but you get the drift- just gorgeous.

The boys relaxed after footy with some nerd time.

No joke, I found Jim like this. Upside down playing his DS. 

Sunday was a home day. Church in the morning and then gardening all afternoon. I semi knew our carrots would be deformed because when we the kids planted them it was like a mini olympics, who could plant throw their seeds the fastest and the furthest without so much as a thought to pattern and organisation. So yesterday was D-day and as we dug up the masses my fears were confirmed, a whole heap of tangled carrots, each with their own set of heads, tentacles and partners. The kids thought they were magic, "look mum they have all wriggled together".

These were the pick of a sad bunch.

So I think our meal plan will be carrot-loaded this week. Stir fries, carrot cakes, carrot soup (?), honey carrots, coleslaw, carrot & balsamic salad.....I can already see the kids faces as I present yet another orange-tinged plate!

When I came inside later that evening after a wine around the fire pit with Nana and Pop, I heard "Hey mum, come into our room, we've channelled our inner-fish". I had no idea what to expect. "You come here and show me your inner-fish, I've just sat down", I shouted back. "We can't" was their response.

What next boys? 
As Forrest Gump said "you never know what you're gonna get"

It's always a lucky dip in our house, I truly never know what the next day will bring. 

Have a fabulous week
Liv xo


  1. oh so funny...this fish and the carrots that is. Liv the winter here in Bris has been so mild...almost sandal weather during the day. I just did a workshop with Harriet Goodall and she is from Mittagong. You should check her out..she is a basket weaver.

  2. I think I've heard of her Tiel, I think she did a collective workshop in Surrey HIlls last year, I remember reading something but I'll go and investigate! I LOVE baskets, I have two massive asian rice basket sitting on top of my two fridges, begging for me to hang them on the wall!