Thursday, 29 August 2013

Life is like a rambunctious toddler.

Today I'm linking up with Em at The Beetle Shack  who says life is like a rambunctious toddler..."sometimes it's cute and clean cut and wonderful and other times it's face is covered in snot and you need to wipe up some serious metaphorical boogers before you can face the world ". I have to agree Em, life is definitely made up of naughty and nice moments, and as a young family all too often we focus on the naughty ones. I often catch myself thinking 'can my day get any worse', but in the scheme of things they are petty and passing, just moments.
A few of those moments occurred this week:
- Loosing my temper and considering boarding school most mornings and then mulling over it all day and beating myself up for even considering it.
- Putting my second favourite woollen jumper in the dryer, it now fits my big toe.
- Breaking 2 wine glasses (at different times with a house full of people) and then having to wrangle the vacuum cleaner amongst the guests.
- Vomit after vomit (not my own, but mine to clean).
- Burning the toffee for my big boys cooking project.
- Lining up with every other Australian citizen at the Post Office on Tuesday and half way through the line Bear announces that he has done a poo (there was really no need to be told, the odour spoke for itself)
- Generally just doing grocery shopping with a 2 year old.
- Having the carseat debate with the the same 2 year old. every. single. day.
- Racking my mid-week brain to decide what to cook for dinner and come 6pm no one is hungry, late lunches all round.
- Attempting to get a screaming child out the door (who doesn't want to go) whilst holding armfuls of apparently necessary items and then dropping the keys on the way to the car, bending down to get them, using my chin as a 3rd arm and copping a big fat wet lick from the dog right across my face.
- Walking past the big boys room 100 times a day and just shaking my head.
- Daily: wiping wee from the boys toilet seat, picking up empty toilet rolls, scrubbing hardened toothpaste from the sink, hanging up wet towels, picking up cushions, school bags and shoes, closing doors, turning a million lights off. (I know what you are saying.....)
- copious piles of ironing banking up
Bloody hell I'm a whinger. sorry.
But these are just moments. They pass (albeit slowly). It's part and parcel of family life.
Ok, as a 21 year old bride I didn't think too much about these moments, in fact they never crossed my loved-up mind, but they are what they are. I still don't like them but they will pass, I have to keep reminding myself of that and rather focus on the happy moments: the fun, mundane, loving, generous and carefree moments that make up the best of family life. Like unconditional love from my best friend and hubby, having him cook me breaky every morning and enjoying it together whilst our babies sleep,  letters from the kids, cuddles on the couch, carefree moments on the lawn as the sun is going down, dinner on the deck as Spring approaches and the evenings stretch out, umpteen drawings and crafty gifts, daily watching our kids strive to reach their goals and sometimes attaining them,  moments of hilarity, wacky jokes, family outings,  and unimaginable amounts of priceless love - not always in the form we expect but always, always present. These are the moments that make the tough ones bearable.
So today I'm going to look out for and freeze some of those precious moments.

Thanks Em for making today a 'grateful' one.
Liv xo


  1. I swear I spend half my life picking up empty toilet rolls ... what is it with boys and the inability to put an empty toilet roll into the bin??
    I got my parcel today ... it's lovely ... thank you SO much :0)

  2. Hi Liv. I know those days! I had a crazy one earlier in the week. But I'm grateful that mostly things are pretty cruisy round here. Glad to find your blog too! X

    1. Thanks Zanni, and me yours! Hope you have a sunny weekend x