Saturday, 24 August 2013



Lets just say my style is a little left of centre and I don't mind the odd thrift piece or ten, nor the odd upside down cane bed head with bangles and fedoras dripping from it...even an entire bedroom with a plethora of canvases, paint palettes, paint tubes, brushes, boxes, bubble wrap....etc (just to set the scene!)
A few nights ago as I lay in bed I couldn't help but notice the shear amount of artwork building up around us (space is an issue, so whilst I save to fund the studio which so far only has brick piers, one end of our bedroom has doubled as my art space), which led to this conversation:
Me: (smirk) "I hope you like artistic sanctuaries Honey"
Paul: "what do you mean?"
Me: "Well, the last time mum came in here she commented that THE bedroom has to be a sanctuary, she obviously thinks our space needs a bit of a romantic overhaul."
Paul: (Silence for a while) "She's not wrong, it's like the bloody Guggenheim depot in here....and with the bed head and the bangles, hats and paint....I would say it''s's ummmm.......well it's like.....ever heard of 'The Twits' ?"

Yep....every single photo was taken in our sanctuary bedroom. The whole damn lot. 
But swings and roundabouts I say, he also has his fair share of The Twits in him, check out his corner!

These take up the other half of the sanctuary room, and only one pair are mine, the tall sexy caramel pair closest to the camera. Ooooo yeahhh. I love these babies, haven't taken them off in two years (except for the photo!) 

So after that whopping intro, I've finally decided to get my act together and set up an etsy store. 
This room needs sanctuary status. 

So if you like my art and want to win yourself my first ever Give Away, sign up to my blog (up there in the top RHS) and a winner will be drawn next week. 
Perhaps comment on this post and tell me how I could turn this "Guggenheim depot" into a sanctuary and the best answer will be chosen by mum, the knower of sanctuaries. Then pop over to my Etsy Store and buy an artwork for your hubby (wink wink, yourself) for Father's Day, that way they can move from one sanctuary to another.

Here is my GIVE AWAY prize:
35.5 x 35.5 x 4 cm
I will post it to you next Tuesday. A little bit of fluro love might brighten up a corner of your sanctuary?!  


(eww...those cream walls are ghastly, they'll be the first thing to change when I clean out the depot) 

Thanks for the "sanctuary" advice in advance
Liv (the knower of depots) xoxo


  1. I don't think it looks like a depot ... I think it looks fascinating ... and I LOVE your art work :0)

    1. Thanks Pet, you need to talk to my hubby xxx

  2. I love the art work and the colour. Quirky is cool!

    1. Thanks Jodi, and yes, quirky sums it up really! xx

  3. I think he should feel lucky to be surrounded by such awesomeness!! I really love your work, especially the "map" works (that's my interpretation of them anyway - they are like a map of a dream). The tools of an artist will always be lovely decorations in my eyes. Cool boots too. x

    1. Thanks Bron, I call them "whimsical maps of life's journey" , so you are on the money! xx