Monday, 26 August 2013

Weekend wrap up.

I had my biggie home sick on Friday with the vomits so needless to say I didn't snap many pics of him over the last few days, it wasn't a pretty sight. Infact I'd go so far to saying that it was possible the biggest vomit I have ever seen. I did two loads of washing at 11pm on Thursday night just to clean one chuck. That was it, just one. The next day precaution and man-flu ensured he scored a day off school, but he magically got better when it was time to go and watch 5 rugby grand finals with Dad on Saturday.

We hosted an end of rugby season BBQ at our place yesterday for Jimmy's team, and the day was so spectacular that they all jumped in the pool (Winter, what winter???)

He crashed last night and gave me more fodder for this post .
It must have said something in that yellow book 'The boys book to survival' about sleeping under your bed makes you tougher?!?!

Pink Dot, had her 'Book Week Parade' on Friday and she went as Ariel from The Little Mermaid, but her bothers insisted she looked more like Lady Gaga (how the hell they know who Lady Gaga is was more distressing  than their comment).

(she forgot the memo 'go bare foot')

...and Bear just rolled with the punches, witty as usual.

Other things that happened in our world:
We made a visit to the cousins in the Blue Mountains, and Spring has definitely sprung early there:

The best Dad in the world framed some more paintings for me:
Visit my Etsy store :

Lulu introduced the neighbours horses to her horse.

I scored myself a new Riedel glass:

Shenanigans. Always shenanigans. 

And the winner of my painting give away is:
(Congrats! send your postal address to and I'll send it to you ASAP. I hope your red headed boys enjoy a splash of pink! )

I hope you all had a lovely and sunny weekend
Liv xo


  1. Oh thank you so much ... I never, ever win anything ... I love it and I'm emailing you now :0)

  2. This looks a lot like my area of the world where I reside (west of Sydney). I've just discovered your blog, I love it!

    1. Thanks Jackie, yep NW Sydney.
      You chose a great name for your little girl ;)
      Do you have a blog, I couldn't seem to find it? xx

  3. Love the look of your beautiful paintings.

  4. I think I missed the painting giveaway by being too slow to visit. Darn! Still, there is always your Etsy shop! What a nice Dad.

    I love that he sleeps under the bed... awesome! x