Sunday, 11 August 2013

When all that matters is grey plastic.

It looks so mighty up there, if only I felt so mighty visiting!

Our Aldi and Woolworths are situated in the same complex but in order to get an undercover park and get to Aldi I have to walk through woolies, which bruises my ego a bit lot. Pathetic, I know, but it does. I always feel a little povo when I walk through Woolies with a trolley full of bagless Aldi goods, especially when I have "borrowed" a woolies trolley and their car park to save on the $1 and the rain. I occasionally attempt to cover my bag-less goods as best I can, sometimes with a handbag, other times with a child. But when I think about it, no one probably cares except my ego, although I have had the odd posh-woolies lady stare at my poor indescribable situation: bag less goods, screaming toddler and not a deli-wrapped package in sight- the horror!
Today though, the ego was inflated, an entire shop at woolies, I didn't even jump ship for cheap nappies. I was like a show poodle, making my way up and down the isles, head held high, prancing on tiptoes. When I got to the counter the lady asked, "Do you have eco bags?", "No, just the grey plastic for me thanks and plenty of it, I want everyone to know that I shopped at woolies today". Well that's a stretch of the imagination but it makes the story sound better, and the truth is, thats exactly what my head was saying even if I didn't actually verbalise it.
It's hard to believe that there was once a time when I thought my $300 Oroton bag was a bit povo, and I was hankering for a LV. Imagine if I said to myself 10 years ago "Love, don't worry about the LV, in a few years time all you will want is a grey plastic bag."
 How did I get to this?
Aldi is a great supermarket chain, 80% of their produce is Australian owned but the process of box-picking and bag-less goods seems to shout poverty. I feel like I should wear a signboard that reads "Yes you guessed it, I am on my way to Aldi for cheap unpackaged goods, but once I drop that load in the car and will pop back upstairs to wealthy woolies for some deli ham, a grey plastic bag and some air  for my ego."

Do you ever feel the same or am I just pathetic?

Have a happy Sunday,
I'm off to nurse 3 sick cherubs :(
Liv xo

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