Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Every time I have sent an email these past few weeks 'Fred sweet cheeks bubble pop' comes up in my address bar. I smelt a rat and after 2 weeks of saying I'll get to the bottom of it, I finally did tonight.
I called my darling boys in and asked who the culprit was. Fingers were pointed, blame was laid, accusations were slung back and forth...but deep down I knew who it was, my nerd Jim.
After explaining how embarrassed I was after realising I'd sent his teacher an email from 'Fred sweet cheeks bubble pop' (a white lie, but necessary), he giggled and said: "well mum you have to agree it's pretty funny."
He assured me he knew how to fix the problem and proceeded to talk to Siri.
I have heard of Siri, but we've never been introduced until tonight and I sure as hell didn't expect that she could change my name at the drop of a hat (or a cheeky kids request for that matter).
So Jimmy and Siri had words to this effect:
(loud and slow)
Jim: "Siri can you please change my mums name back to Olivia."
Suri: "I'm sorry I do not understand."
Jim: "oh I mean can you change Fred sweet cheeks bubble pop back to Olivia Denahy."
Suri: "I'm sorry I do not understand. Do you want me to call you sweet cheeks bubble pop because you are my friend?"
Jim: "No, I don't want to be your friend, can you just change my mums name back"
Suri: "I'm sorry I didn't get that"
Jim: "change Fred sweet cheeks bubble pop to Olivia Denahy you idiot"
Suri: "Well you are entitled to your opinion"
Jim: "What?"
Suri: "I'm sorry I do not understand"
Jim: "FAR OUT, YOU ARE DUMB. Just change Fred sweet cheeks bubble pop back to Olivia Denahy"
........... this went on and on and on and on............until finally Jimmy and Siri came to an agreement and my identity was restored.
A lot of pranking goes on in this husienda and sometimes I feel I'm loosing the battle like here and here and here. But one thing boys underestimate is the power of a woman's words, and I don't think Jim ever wants to cross paths with Siri again.
I won today.

Until tomorrow
Liv xo


  1. Read your links as well as this post, your boys are totally pranksters, and as I have a few of those myself I commiserate, but gee they are good for lots of laughs.

    1. HI Erin, I got your email, VERY small world! Paul said the name is familiar but he can't remember 100%. He is the youngest so his older sibs may remember more- i'll ask them.

  2. Love that kid! Xo

  3. "Fred sweet cheeks bubble pop" is a classic 'kid prank' kind of name. I had to google 'siri' - man, I cannot keep up with technology and it scares me that our kids CAN!! x

    1. I know Bron, It's scary. I did my first 'powerpoint presentation' at uni, my boys did theirs in year 3 ! The world is changing FAST x