Friday, 27 September 2013

Twirling Ribbon tutorial.

These were so successful at my daughters party that I thought I'd share how to make them.

For each Ribbon stick you will need:
1 x 40cm length of timber dowel (mine were 55cm, but thats only because I had a whole lot under the house pre cut, 40cm would be fine)
1 x eye screw
1 x fishing swivel
1 x 2m length of double sided satin ribbon 
(*I did use cheaper ribbon on a few because I ran out, and for little kids, it was perfectly fine....and cheaper)
1 x pair of pliers 

- Screw the eye hook into the top of the dowel.
- Using the pliers, prize back the eye hook and insert the swivel. 

- Cut 2m lengths of ribbon at an angle, as it makes it easier to thread. Singe the ends with a match.
- Thread the ribbon, tie a knot and voila! 

Hours of fun!!

Liv xo


  1. You clever minx, you've gone all crafty on us! Don't you love it how the simple things are often the most loved? The photo of all the ribbony kids looks great. x

    1. haha I'll take that, better than a saucy minx!
      How did your garden party go?
      I only JUST got through my two, I had to take off to bed before that last two kids left, I was so sick! x

  2. I love that, my kids would be in heaven with this.

    1. It was super easy Mandy, give it a go. I even gave them a packet of textas so they could colour in their sticks...hoping to stretch out the length of the activity!

  3. Livy you are amazing! When my kiddlets come along, I'm coming straight to you for ideas, stuff Pinterest! Bec Xo

  4. What a great idea!! I must remember this for my little one's when they have parties. We have a ribbon wand here and it's a huge hit so these would make fantastic party favours :)

    1. Yes, they were so easy to make and they were thrilled they could take them home x

  5. I can't get over how easy these are to make, and they look fabulous when they're being played with. Thanks for sharing.