Thursday, 26 September 2013

What boys do best:

Feeling sick and in no condition to entertain them myself, I told my 3 + 1 cousin to "Go outside and do something, I don't care what, just go."

This is what they decided on:
1 trampoline, 4 dirty old painting drop sheets, a dozen rocks, 1 torch, 3 sleeping bags, a portable dvd player and an insane amount of chips and lollies....oh and a guard dog!

Hubby and I turned the light off at 7:30pm to the sounds of:
 "Bye Mum and Dad, pray for us. We might come back in so don't lock the door ok. Did you hear me? Mum? " 

By 8:50pm they were all sound asleep INSIDE in their beds!

But it's the memories that count....!

Liv xo


  1. Ha ha! But why did they come back in, were they scared or cold or uncomfortable??? Looks fun though and I bet they were straight back out there come morning. Mel x

    1. Scared Mel....although we won't mention it again!