Friday, 6 September 2013

More of Spring...

 With Spring comes an abundance of pretty photos, and already I'm running behind. I don't always feel I have to churn out a post a day but every day in Spring something new and colourful blooms or happens and I feel I have to share it with you, so I won't say too much this month (* hubby laughs) but I'll keep the camera rolling.
Yesterday we woke up to a thick fog, only the second in the past 3 months,  so out came the lens and once the biggies were off at school Bear and I rode to the horses and captured some beautiful freesias and dewy spiderwebs.

My Father in law bought me some Gladi bulbs and they arrived yesterday, so Bear and I popped them in today along with 3 punnets of strawberries that my Mother in law cultivated.

Bear found the usual play mate.....along with a cup of "werns" 

"tied to the  kitchen sick" never looked so good. No less than 7 vases smiling at me.

I gave these to my sister when she miscarried a little bub a few years back, they always make me smile.
We have 3 angels in Heaven between us now, and 9 delicious naughties here on earth!

Potted colour!
(I had better go and water those pansies)

Ok, over and out.
Liv xo


  1. Beautiful. Love your view from the kitchen sink - with, or without the flowers! Visiting from rewind X

  2. Thanks Julie, it is pretty, I love it here.
    I popped over to your blog today, a lovely bunch of women. We need more like you girls x

  3. Hi, visiting from Maxabella's :) Spring is looking lovely over your way. I can smell those freesias from here and the spider web shots are beautiful x

    1. Thanks Amanda, I popped over to your blog earlier this morning, beautiful images xx